air fryer black Friday deals

Are you looking for an air fryer that does not cost too much money but offers great performance? You are to the right place at right time. In this article, we are going to be checking out the top five best air fryer black Friday deals of 2019. Let’s head over straight to the air Friday black Friday deals.

air fryer black Friday deals

Top 5 Best Air Fryer Black Friday Deals of 2019

1. Philips HD9240/94 Digital Air Fryer Black Friday Deals 2019

Philips HD9240/94 Digital Air Fryer Black Friday Deal

At number one, we have the Philips HD9240/94 Digital Air Fryer Black Friday Deal. It is a countertop appliance designed to replace the standard fryer that can also bake roast and grill as well. The Philips XL air fryer uses rapid air technology to fry foods with little or no added oil.

This model has an extra large capacity and can hold an impressive 2.65 pounds of food. It is designed to hold enough food to serve a family of around four people.

The Philips XL air fryer is considered one of the best air fryers in the market today because of its large capacity, versatility, and highly adjustable digital controls.

If you are already convinced that an air fryer is an appliance that will suit your cooking style, the Philips XL air fryer has a lot of great features that would make it a great buy for the air fryer enthusiast versus the other models and brands.

This air fryer as a digital touchscreen is very user-friendly and easy to use. The digital controls include a timer that accommodates cooking time up to 60 minutes, a red indicator and an auto-off function.

The temperature control is completely adjustable to the desired temperature between 150 degrees Fahrenheit and 390 degrees Fahrenheit. There is the number of presets for cooking your favorite foods quickly and very easily so you can cook whatever you want.

What we like the most about it is that the Phillips XL air fryer is fairly intuitive and easy to operate. You just open the drawer and place the food item that you wish to cook into the food basket and then close the drawer and use a digital touchscreen to set the temperature and the time to the desired values and you’re good to go.

Most of its parts are dishwasher safe so you won’t have to waste too much time cleaning it because your dishwasher will do it for you that makes it a very convenient appliance for a kitchen so that’s a big plus.

If you are looking for an air fryer you either must be looking for a less oil consumption or just to prepare some special foods that you can make only with an air fryer, this air fryer with this high level of functionality lets you do both of that with real ease. So it’s definitely a great air fryer and if you are looking for one this is the ultimate one.

2. Avalon Bay 100B Air Fryer Black Friday Deals 2019

Avalon Bay 100B Air Fryer Black Friday Deal

The Avalon Bay 100B air Fryer black Friday deal secured the second spot on our list of best air fryer black Friday deals. This air fryer brings an end to countertop mess and combining the features of multiple appliances into one most important.

It creates healthier foods without sacrificing taste by letting you fry grill rows and even bake without the oil required in traditional deep fryers or in skillets.

Avalon air fryer has a 3.2 pond Gnostic ball, as a result, the fryer is suitable for making snacks and family main meals depending on your requirement. The capacity combined with this versatility and application makes the fryer such an important kitchen appliance.

This air fryer incorporates the rapid air circulation technology to cook foods evenly and quickly running food with hot air that is adjusted to the appropriate temperature is what makes the food taste great and that their part can do exactly that.

It has a removal baking pan and rack that is included for cooking different types of foods so the Avalon Bay 100B gets a big point for that. You can set the air fryer at temperatures from 200-degree Fahrenheit to 400 degrees Fahrenheit to cook all types of foods to perfection.

The 30-minute timer makes the fryer automatically shut off when the timer sound this feature will let you take care of other things or cooking food without having to hover over the food like you do when you take a skillet or a deep fryer.

The Avalon Bay is a safe and versatile appliance that lets you prepare a virtually endless list of foods including recipes made from scratch or pre-prepared food from the freezer.

If you’ve never used an air fryer before, you don’t have to worry because this air fryer comes with at 52-page Avalon Bay cookbook which will teach you a ton of recipes you will become an expert in a short time.

Overall, we would say that this air fryer is suitable for everyone that wants to get healthier and it’s looking for a budget air fryer. It has everything you need and it doesn’t cost that much compared to others so it’s definitely a great time to take the benefit of Avalon Bay 100B air Fryer black Friday deal.

3. Philips HD9641 Avance Turbostar Air Fryer Black Friday Deals 2019

Philips HD9641 Avance Turbostar Air Fryer Black Friday Deal

The Philips HD9641 Avance Turbostar Air Fryer Black Friday Deal is third on our list. In our opinion, Philips is a leader in air fryers. This model is a small air fryer that makes your food taste amazing.

It features Philip’s method to restore technology where all of the food is exposed to constant circulating heat allowing you to cook your favorite foods with a tablespoon or less of oil.

In addition to the heated airflow, it also provides powerful direct heat from above which will quickly create the food for delicious golden-brown results while draining excess fat.

It has a quick control dial which is very easy to use and only has to do is just turn it to set the right temperature then click turn again to set the time then click to start cooking yes it’s easy as that.

This model can be considered as a multipurpose air fryer because with it you can grill, bake and roast your favorite dishes – and that makes it a great kitchen appliance in our opinion.

One thing that we most like about this air fryer was the keep warm feature but it can keep the food warm after it has finished cooking so if you don’t feel like eating straight away, you don’t have to worry because this air fryer will keep the food warm for you for up to 30 minutes.

The most annoying part of cooking is the washing with this air fryer, you don’t have to worry about that because the remove of the nonstick drawer and the food basket are dishwasher safe for easy cleaning. So after you are done using it, you can just throw them into the dishwasher and you’re good to go.

Overall, we think that this puzzle is sleek looking, well-designed and OPA quality construction and should give years of service so you should definitely consider purchasing it if you’re looking for a powerful air fryer.

4. T-Fal FZ7002 Actifry Air Fryer Black Friday Deals 2019

T-Fal FZ7002 Actifry Air Fryer Black Friday Deals

At number four, we have the T-Fal FZ7002 Actifry Air Fryer Black Friday Deal. It is a really different looking air fryer that looks different from the other end prayers that you can usually see out there. So for the looks, it does get a few points for the being unique.

The T-Fal air fryer cooks food evenly and efficiently using a hot air circulation system with pulsing action. This model uses 1450 watts of power which is pretty nice considering the price. It has a 2.2-pound capacity making it fairly moderate capacity fryers among all the ones that are available out there.

When most people choose this air fryer over all the rest is the simple usage. This air fryer is extremely easy to use because all the settings are ready and all you have to do it just place the food inside and press the stop button and watch it – it’s magic.

It has a noise alert system or when your cooking ends once, it is done frying what it is supposed to it is going to make a specific noise and let you know that this saves you from having to sit there beside it all the time the hot air system puts out poses of heat to optimize the circulation of hot air while cooking foods.

There is also a stirring pedal to help you cook food with different cooking times, therefore, your foods are cooked evenly. It doesn’t require more than a tablespoon of oil to cook the food. You can work on a variety of foods to produce a delicious snack, you can also make healthy homemade french fries with only a tablespoon of oil when you use the snaking basket.

If you ever decide to purchase a fryer, you will also get the recipe book for free. There are 38 recipes included in the book for every type of food. It can make anything from french fries to chicken. The only thing we don’t like about this air fryer is that it has only one setting and that drones are versatility but for a product with simplicity in mind, this shouldn’t be a huge problem.

Overall, it’s a great air fryer which is dishwasher safe and easy to use. So if you are someone that hates cleaning things, this air fryer is definitely your answer.

5. VonShef 3 Quart Air Fryer Black Friday Deals 2019

VonShef 3 Quart Air Fryer Black Friday Deals

Last but not least is the VonShef 3 Quart Air Fryer Black Friday Deal of 2019. If you are looking to go for a small and handy solution for your air fryer needs then this can be the perfect model for you. If you have been searching for air fryers, we are sure that you’ve probably heard about Vonchef before.

This airfryer features an innovative rapid air circulation system which prepares food that is crispy and to do that, it uses 50% less fat and oil than a conventional fryer uses. It has a very nice minimalistic design which will look good on every kitchen. It’s not so big eaters if you have a small kitchen.

The addition of this air fryer won’t be a huge problem for you. It features a black glossy finish with a handle and temperature knob when most people pick the Vonchef air fryer is the price. Its price is lower than almost any other air fryer on the market in this category. So with this air fryer black Friday deal, you will get a lot of value per dollar.

We personally love this air fryer because you can literally make everything in this air fryer breakfast, lunch, dinner, snacks, and more. Basically, this is an awesome all-in-one appliance. Its frank basket is detachable with a safety cover button over the details button so you won’t accidentally detach the frank basket while cooking.

The detachable frying basket is a good feature so you can easily clean and shake the basket. Also, the frying basket is dishwasher safe which makes it very easy to clean.

Overall, the air fryer itself has a 2.2-liter capacity blew straight on the kitchen counter is extremely versatile and can make everything like french fries. It definitely is a quality air fryer that comes to the great price and it’s great for making foods healthier when compared to deep frying without losing the crispiness offered by the deep frying the food.


The airfryers cannot be counted among cheap air fryers but above we have provided the best ongoing air fryers black Friday deals. In order to opt for this kitchen appliances, you do not need too much place in your kitchen to perform its job. These airfryers would make your life much easier and with so many different options available in the market, you get all the liberty to choose the right one for you that you can easily fit in your kitchen, use and maintain properly.

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