benefits of reflexology

In a world where there is a pill for every sickness, ache, or pain, it’s nice to find a more holistic solution to pain. Many people are turning to reflexology and actually have been for centuries now. Those who wish to use or perform this ancient practice for the purposes of healing should be made aware of the details surrounding it. Responsible practices and comprehensive knowledge of the benefits of reflexology will always render the best results.

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What is Reflexology?

Understanding the benefits of reflexology is simple. Especially when you have a respect for the complexities of the neurological system contained within the human body. But simply, it is a healing routine of systematic massage. It is properly performed by applying light to moderate pressure on specific nerve endings which then stimulates or relaxes various parts of the body. It is based on the theory that the hands, feet, and head are linked to everything via the neurological system.

How Reflexology Can Improve Your Health

Recent studies have actually shown how that it can improve stress levels, relax major muscle systems, increase metabolism, boost the immune system, and prevent some diseases. It is also great for psychological issues such as depression and anxiety, and can even alleviate the symptoms of asthma, diabetes, and cancer.

The Benefits of Hand and Foot Massage (Reflexology)

Since this practice involves a lot of work on the hands and feet, getting a good massage can have a number of noticeable benefits to a person’s overall health. Certain pressure points in the hands have direct positive effects on the brain and lungs, while the feet reportedly have the same effects on the heart and endocrine system. Using a foot massager on a regular basis in order to massage these different pressure points may increase your well being or provide you with significant mood enhancement at the very least.


Nearly everybody loves getting a good massage, but not everyone knows just how beneficial to their health it can be. When taking handfuls of medicine is not an option or when you prefer to explore more holistic options for your health concerns, try to consider how a simple application of pressure can help. Thanks to the study of reflexology. We now know that by stimulating certain nerve endings we can directly affect specific parts of the body and improve our fitness, strength, and resilience. As always please do not take this as medical advice. Always seek your doctor’s approval before performing attempting something such as this.

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