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Are you living in such a part of the world where most of the time the weather remains cool and you always need a stock of wood available to burn the fire for warmness? For this purpose, you will need a sharp axe to cut the wood into smaller pieces so you can put them into your fire chimney. The wood splitting becomes a tiring job when an axe is full of rust and head of the maul is loosely fit. You may also victim to back pain or strain in this situation. Finding the best axes sometimes become complicated when a lot of brands offering similar axes with different features and qualities. So to cope with this issue, we have compiled a list of top 8 best axes and hatchets. Have a look at the brief review of each axe.

best axes

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Best Axes, Mauls, and Hatchets 2019

1. Fiskars X27 Wood Splitting Axe (Best Selling)


Fiskars best axes

The Fiskars x27 is the best selling axe since last few years. It is available in 5 different sizes you can choose the one as per your wood chopping requirements. It can break wood logs into smaller pieces in one turn. The X27 wood splitting axe weighs 5.8 pounds so it allows hands to apply more power during cutting the wood. Its blade is designed in a convex shape so it will not get stuck into the wood and provides a good amount of leverage to cut the wood easily. If you are not satisfied with the performance of Fiskars x27 axe, you can return it back to the manufacturer as they offer a lifetime money back guarantee on it. There are thousands of happy customers which is an open evidence of the quality of this maul. We recommend you to go with this sturdy product if you want long-term results.

2. Husqvarna Wood Chopping Maul

This is a great piece of product that is designed and manufactured in Sweden. It comes with 32 inches long handle and a pretty sharp blade to cut the wood into small pieces effortlessly. This maul is finished well and provides nice grip to the hands so it will not slip while wood splitting process. It includes a leather cover to protect the axe edges from rust and moisture. Moreover, you can use the Husqvarna maul as a sledgehammer to drive more force for heavy duty purposes. Simply, it is worth to buy if you are going to cut wood for the winter season, but not for the camping. When you are done with chopping wood, grease the maul head a little bit to maintain the sharpness of the blade and store it in a dry place to avoid its handle to be shrunk.

3. Estwing EFF4SE Fireside Forged Steel Hatchet (Special Edition)

The Estwing EFF4SE hatchet comes at number 3rd in our list of best axes. This axe features a one-piece design that offers more durability and long-term performance. Its sharp wedged blade breaks logs and firewood easily. It consists of shock reduction grip so it reduces the number of impacts by 70 percent. The handle also features a nylon sheath to protect your hands sharpened cutting edges. All Estwing tools and equipment are designed and manufactured in the USA without compromising on quality standards. Therefore, you can buy this hatchet with closing eyes. If you are going for a camping adventure, the Eswing EFF4SE is the best option for your wood cutting needs.

4. Fiskars Iso 751110-1001 Core Maul (Quality>Price)

This is another top quality maul by Fiskars that is more sturdy and compact maul as compared to its competitors at this price point. Its cutting blade consists of a tempered steel that is finished with corrosion free coating for more durability and longevity of axe. The IsoCore shock control system absorbs the maximum amount of impacts and vibration during splitting the heavyweight forest wood. It is 36 inches long and weighs 8lb that is enough capable of handling any kind of wood splitting task effortlessly. The seller provides lifetime money back warranty on Fiskars 751110-1001 maul so you can return it back anytime when you feel that this product is not for you.

5. Gransfors Bruks Wood and Logs Splitting Maul

The Gransfors Bruks maul looks like an ordinary axe but when it comes to performance and functionalities, you can not beat the edge or quality of this maul. As it consists of 32 inches long handle and weighs about 7lb in total, therefore, it swings heavily that is ideal for splitting bulks of wood logs. The Gransfors maul does a great job on rounds that can break in one swing and in some cases two or three swings. At the bottom of the head, the handle has a protective steel collar that makes the maul more durable and provides extra grip on the handle. It comes with a leather cover to keep the blade of maul sharp and rust free. Price is a bit high, but the product you get at this price is well worth it.

6. CRKT Hawk Lightweight Outdoor Camping Axe

best hatchets

This is the best performance camping axe that consists of lightweight lacquer coated Tennessee hickory handle for more durability and stability. Its blade is crafted with 1055 carbon steel that is rock solid heat-forged so you will have good wood chopping experience. The CRKT axe is a versatile hatchet that can be used as a chop, a knife or a hammer. It weighs only 2lb so you can throw it into your backpack but you don’t forget to cover its sharp edges with some soft cloth or leather pouch to keep the other equipment in backpack safe from cutting sharp edges. We will recommend you to go with this axe if you are looking for the best quality of camping hatchet at a cheap price.

7. Truper 32415 Wood Splitting Maul (Heaviest)

best mauls

All Truper products are designed and manufactured in Mexico using the latest techniques and technologies for more quality and durability. The Truper maul is the heaviest wood chopping axe in our list that weighs 12lb. It is heavy enough to meet any kind of wood splitting requirements. This can be useful especially in the winter season when a bunch of wood stock is needed to burn the fire for warmness. However, Its short 27-inch handle is a weakness to swing the maul more forcefully so eventually, it will not shred large wood logs into small chunks in an easy way. The rubber grip on handle provides more stability and diminishes vibrations when you swing maul up in the air. Moreover, you can use Truper maul as sledgehammer as well.

8. Redneck Convent Wood-Chopping Axe (Dual Head)

The Redneck Convent maul stands at last position in our list of best axes. It features double head sides that make it unique among its competitors. In case, if one side of the blade is broken or becomes harsh, you can use the other side of the blade in that situation for cutting wood smoothly. Its blade consists of high heat forged steel with rust and corrosion resistant black finish. Therefore, it is going to stay longer with full operational capabilities. It is multipurpose maul that can be used whether for cutting logs for firewood or clearing branches from trees and shrubs. The blade of Redneck hatchet weighs 3.5lb and has 31.5 inches long handle that reduces the impacts of shocks and vibrations while splitting wood. This hatchet is designed and manufactured in the USA. It is really a well-priced product so go ahead and buy yours.

Final Verdict

Concluding the post with a hope that our list of the above-reviewed axes & mauls will make it quite easy for you to choose the best axes as per your wood splitting requirements. Oiling the blade of a maul after usage is the best practice to keep it sharp and rust free for the long run. So if you still got questions or concerns regarding mauls or hatchets, shoot us an email or write us down in the comment section below. We will be more than happy to help you out.

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