best baby bathtubs

In giving our babies the best bathing experience, a baby bathtub is essential for various reasons. There are several manufacturers offering varieties of baby bath tubs but finding the right one for your baby should be your preference. If you are searching for the top quality baby bathtub and don’t know where to buy it, we are here to help you out in this regard. We have rounded up the 5 best baby bathtubs in the market based on their satisfaction, ratings from customers and of course the best value for your hard-earned money. Let’s have a look at the brief review of each baby bathtub. Find here top quality infant car seats.

best baby bathtubs

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Best Baby Bathtubs for Infants and Toddlers 2019

1. The First Years Sure Comfort Baby Bathtub (Best Seller)

Our number one product on the list is every mom’s favorite the first years deluxe newborn to toddler tub. It was hailed as the best bathtub in baby center mom’s pick in 2014 and 2015 a nationwide survey among moms and dads. Here are the reasons why parents loved it. The ergonomic design helps keep the baby safe and comfortable during bath time. A mesh sling with form-fitting net supports the newborns.

There is a mildew resistant pad which serves as a headrest both are machine washable and dryable. Babies grow really fast and this tub transitions with your child. Next thing you are removing the slang and letting him recline comfortably no need to panic. A little bump feature in this toddler tub keeps your little infant from sliding down into the water so they stay safe as he grows bigger and becomes a toddler, this award-winning baby tub can give him plenty of space to sit, play and splash around.

It measures 7x13x23 inches while accommodates up to 25 pounds. Moms and dads also love the built-in wash basin for rinse water, supplies and toys. Moreover, this amazing baby bathtub has a drain plug that quickly drains the water. It also fits single and double sinks. With these remarkable features, this baby bathtub is a must-have bath essential for your cuddly bundle of joy.

2. Angelcare Aqua Baby Bath Tub Support (Best Value for the Money)

If you want to ensure your baby’s safe and comforting warm bath, this bathtub is perfect for your little one. This cute bath supports best recommended for babies under 0 to 6 months and it holds baby weight off to a maximum of 14 kilograms. The Angelcare baby bath boasts a new hygienic and mildew resistant feature the support itself is soft mesh and drains the water from the tub and quickly dries while bathing.

After your baby’s bath time, you can just hang it to let it dry in the attached book for easy storage. The mesh material is safe for the baby sensitive and delicate skin. This baby bath support is made out of durable and lightweight plastic materials to keep its shape for a long period.

It requires no assembly and all you need to do is just lay your baby to relax and enjoy the bath. This awesome baby bath support has to carry handles for comfortable carrying around. Moreover, this product has a water level indicator to assure your child’s safety. The product has a layer of soft thermoplastic steamers materials wherein it warms with the baby’s warm body temperature and the water.

3. Summer Infant Comfort Bath Tub (Mother’s Choice)

Mommies and daddies will surely love the summer infant comfort height bathtub which got the 3rd spot in our top five best baby tubs for their newborns and even for toddlers. What makes this bathtub worth buying is its raised bath center which will make baby bathing easy with an extra sturdy platform safely raises this tub making it comfortable and easier to reach the baby that means no more back pain for daddy and mommy during bath time.

It can be converted to standalone kneeler or stepstool later on when the baby grows bigger for safety purposes. Locking tabs are there to ensure the snug fit between the tub and the base. The bathtub size is large enough for newborns and two-year-old toddlers to fit in. It has dimensions of 16×28.5×17 inches. You will be able to use it for a long time then it has a removable infant insert created to give support and comfort to the baby when inclined. It is removable and can store in a sink or bathtub you can bring it anywhere you go.

4. Best Primo Euro-Bath Tube for Infants

Securing the number four spot is the Primo euro bathtub the first ever smart bathtub for precious little ones. The patented European stylish design and anatomical shape secured the baby from accidental slippage under the water and keep him in an ideal bathing position. Bath time becomes stress-free, convenient safe and fun for mommy and baby with primo euro bath.

It is 26x21x10 inches diameter can accommodate up to 38 quarts of water. So far it is the largest tub for the baby in the market today. The extra large size and unique features of primo euro bath make it popular among parents who want a beautiful and safe bath for their babies. This tub is perfect for ages 0 to 24 months as it allows infants to be bathed in a reclined position and toddlers in a sitting posture.

There is a secure post between the legs which also serves as a security and play feature this safety feature supports his legs and forearm and acts as an extra set of hands to help mom. This baby bathtub has a built-in water drain system, smooth easy to clean surface and two compartments for baby’s bath essentials like shampoo, sponge, soap, and toys. It is made in the USA with PVC free and BPA-free durable and recyclable polypropylene plastic materials.

5. Munchkin Inflatable Duck Baby Bathtub (Best Budget Infant Bath Tub)

Last but not least is the Munchkin white-hot duck tub on our list of best baby bathtubs. This hot tub is perfect for babies between 6 and 24 months. Your child will surely love this adorable inflatable hot tub not only is this enjoyable to use but this hot tub is also easy to install that lets you focus on spending time with your child. Instead, it is portable as it deflates and folds easily so you can bring it anywhere because this Munchkins tub has a built-in white-hot technology.

It indicates when the water is too hot for your baby’s sensitive skin. The white-hot safety disc turns white when the water is too hot you can feel at ease as the heat of the water is regulated so you do not have to guess to test the water anymore also because it has a textured bottom, your little one will not slip and get hurt.

It is tough and versatile because it is made of durable rubber so it will not wear even when often used just be careful as the tub can overflow. If you do not watch out, make sure only to fill it to the recommended level. It is also inexpensive perfect for any budget.


There are the five best baby bathtubs. Bath time does not have to be an ordeal with these safe, sturdy and affordable baby bathtubs. We surely hope it helped you make your buying decision easier. We understand the features as well as preference matters and choosing what product to buy that is why we are dedicated to helping you make easier decisions by showing you the product while telling you the features you can expect. If you still have questions or suggestions regarding the above reviewed best baby bathtubs, shoot us an email or write down in the comment section below. We would definitely like to assist you anytime.

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