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Balance board is the simplest instrument that can assist your daily exercise. A simple scientific invention has changed the market of exercise kit. Cheap, easy to use and lots of other benefits made it really a desirable instrument. Now, many of you might wonder how a simple balance board can give you a healthier life. Well, this is the reason we are here to help you. We will assist you to know more about the balance board and also help you to select the best balance board from the market. If you are still reading this article, then we assume you are interested to know more about this simple but effective exercise kit. We know the value of your time. That is why this article contains bold headlines and domain of each balance board with a price tag so that you can choose your desirable best balance board with ease. We will review 10 best balance boards available in the market and we bet after reading this article you will give you enough information to select the best balance board that suits you. So, let’s begin our quest for the best balance boards. Also, check out the best bowling balls.

best balance boards

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Best Balance Boards 2019

Brand/ModelDimensions (Inches)Weight (lb)Price
Valor Fitness EQ-115 x 15 x 14.0See Price
Spooner Boards Freestyle23 x 11.5 x 52.5See Price
Carrom Balance Board31.5 x 10.2 x 67.7See Price
3B Scientific W1507526.5 x 13.2 x 410See Price
Fitterfirst Rocker Board8 x 24 x 58.3See Price
Power Systems Balance Boardxxxxxxxxxx7.0See Price
GoofBoard Balance Board44 x 15 x 415See Price
Revolution 32 Balance Board32 x 8.5 x 4.59.8See Price
Vew-Do Balance Board35 x 7 x 77.0See Price
Indo Board Balance Board30 x 18 x 33.0See Price

Best balance boards within your Budget: Things you need to know before Buying

Before starting our review for best balance board (also known as Wobble board), we would like to share some more information about the balance boards that would enrich your knowledge about this particular inexpensive instrument. We hope you will enjoy our additional information too.

What is a balance board?

Balance board or wobble board contains a flat and hard surface that facilitates one to stand on the top of it. It also contains an unstable rounded bottom. It works on a simple phenomenon. You have to stand at the top of the board and balance your body in such a way that you might not stumble or fall. So, how this actually helps to maintain a sound body? Well, if you stand on a wobble board you have to maintain your balance. To balance your body, all the parts of your body coordinate together to help you to stand on the top of the board. This coordination will help you to manage your balance and equilibrium. Balance boards are used for different purposes, such as sports training, regular exercise and even it is used as rehabilitation therapy.

How does it work?

As mentioned earlier, it actually helps to coordinate all of your body parts at once and facilitate equilibrium. Equilibrium is the most important part of balancing your body and it is required for every single daily activity you do. From running to threading a needle, equilibrium is required in every activity. Our brain controls all sort of motor activity but sometimes, due to accident or injury, the brain fails to control the motor activity and ultimately it becomes harder to coordinate or maintain the balance. This is the reason that wobble boards are becoming the most anticipated instrument nowadays.

Why it is useful?

We can give you a reference that would make you understand the scientific value of the balance board. In 2004, a study was published in “American Journal of Sports Medicine” stating that a number of women volleyball players who were suffering from ankle injury undergone through balance board training and a significant reduction in pain were observed. The study also stated that balance board training increases the strength of ankle ligament so that they are less likely to become sprained when pressure is applied.

We believe we have provided enough information about balance boards. So we will start our best balance board review. We are hoping to assist you to choose best-rated balance board.

Some useful Balance Board Workout

Here is some useful workout that will assist you to use your balance board with full efficiency. We are providing the tricks in bullet points so that you can find your suitable workout type. Please note that the workout tricks start from easy to hard. So let’s begin

  1. While sitting on a chair, place the board beneath your feet and rotate it clockwise or anti-clockwise several times.
  2. Stand over the wobble board and hold a chair or wall for support. Then move the board forwards and backward few times. After that move sides by side. You can do this for 2-3 minutes.
  3. Stand on the board without any support and rotate it in such a way that it touches the floor all the time.
  4. Balance the board without any support and make sure that the edges do not touch the floor anyway.
  5. Rotate the board 360 degrees without touching any edge of the board with the floor.
  6. Balance the board and try to stand on your toes. Make sure that the edges should not touch the floor
  7. Try to stand on the board in one foot.
  8. While standing in one foot, try to move your other foot forward and backward. Try this with both of your feet.
  9. Balancing on one foot, try to bend your knee a little to challenge your balance.
  10. Try to perform all aforementioned exercises with closed eyes. This will make your workout considerably harder.

10 Best Balance Board Review

Here it goes. This is the most important part of this review article. We will be talking about the products that are currently available on the market. We strongly believe that there is no point in reviewing products that are not available in the market or you cannot buy. We would also like to mention that we are not ranking these wobble boards. We will not be talking about the superiority of the products one over another. We will talk about those particular products that are currently available in market and boards that are better than the rest of the market but there is no ranking or 1st, 2nd, a 3rd place among the products.

1. Valor Fitness EQ-1 Balance Board

The first balance board we are going to review is Valor Fitness EQ-1. This one is one the top rated balance board in Amazon. This is made by soft Canadian maple plywood that would provide a user-friendly surface to the standoff. The user will feel more comfortable while riding its unique anti-sliding pad. It is 15.5 inch in diameter and weighs about 4 pounds.

Valor Fitness EQ-1 Wooden Balance Board
Valor Fitness EQ-1 Wooden Balance Board

This handy instrument also contains Acrylonitrile butadiene styrene (ABS) bottom cone that facilitates a strong base while using. It is to be mentioned that as its surface is made by plastic, we would strongly recommend that use a mattress or use it over door matt so that there is less chance of sliding.

2. Spooner Balance Board

The specialty of this board is it is designed for the beginners. You don’t need to be a pro to use it. You can use it in any condition. Unlike valor, it does not contain rounded bottom. Its bottom surface is slightly curved. Just like a skateboard but without any wheel. It is specially designed for kids.

Spooner Boards Freestyle - Blue
Spooner Boards Freestyle – Blue

It can even with withstand the 200-pound weight. It has over 20 different uses and we believe your kids will love it. It is virtually indestructible according to the manufacturer and weighs only 3 pounds. It can withstand rough use and due to its little weight, you can carry it wherever you want. It comes with different colors and designs. So you can choose your best balance board that your kid likes.

3. Carrom Balance Board

Here comes another board that is useful to skiers, surfers or snowboarders. It is not for kids as they might often get off balanced. Professionals will love this board because of its building quality and balancing system. It is built with high-quality hardwood plywood with anti-skid trips. It comes along with a flat board and a cylindrical roller.

Carrom Balance Board

Many people are confused about this roller and asked us several questions. Well, we are happy to reply to all of your questions. As mentioned earlier, this roller comes along with the board. This is actually not a roller rather it comes as several pieces of circular blocks. You would need a wrench to adjust the blocks. It contains holes and you just need to put them together and tighten them with an adjustable wrench. However, it is very easy to assemble them. It is strongly recommended by the manufacturers that it should be used by appropriate adults. Building quality and finish is absolutely marvelous and comes with different designs. It weighs about 6.9 pounds and the dimension is 31.5, 10.2 and 7.5 inches. Carom balance board is now one of the top-rated balance boards among market and many people preferred it over Bongo board due to the price.

4. 3B Scientific W15075 Balance Board 

Well, the name is quite a mouthful we must say. It is made from eucalyptus wood with an anti-humidity sealer that will protect the wooden structure from damage. The surface is covered with rubber that provides a firm grip to the user.

3B Scientific W15075 Eucalyptus Wood Lateral Balance Rocker Board
3B Scientific W15075 Eucalyptus Wood Lateral Balance Rocker Board

The design is quite good and building quality is ok. The wheel is 2.5 inches and edge drop is also 2.5 inches. There is a support beneath the board and the drop is quite gentle we would say. Though some people may think it is too high in our opinion it is ok. Good for standing off and physical therapy. The capacity of this product is 300 pound and meant for heavy use.

5. Fitterfirst Professional Rocker Board

This one is slightly different in its appearance. It is rectangular rather than round shape. Made by several layers of plywood though some reviewers mistakenly said it is made by plastic. A unique device for rehabilitation therapy. Many rehabilitation centers prescribe this particular device for therapy.

Fitter First 20 Pro Rocker Board
Fitter First 20″ Pro Rocker Board

It contains 2 adjustable rounded disks on the bottom that allows the user to fix the angle. The rocker board is well constructed and capacity is 400 pounds. The most unique feature about this device is you can adjust the height and angle. However, the bottom disks are not in the middle rather it is placed on each side of the board. On the upper portion of the board, there is an anti-slip tape that will assist you to stand on the top of the board barefooted. It is mainly designed for elderly persons who have some balancing issues. If you are uncomfortable to balance on single rounded bottom wobble board then we suggest you should go for this one. You can easily balance yourself by placing each foot over each sphere. A very easy to control device you can choose over other balance boards.

6. Power Systems Combo Balance Board

Power system boards have some unique features. It contains four different chromes that are easily adjustable. You can adjust your difficulty according to your desire.

Power Systems Combo Board
Power Systems Combo Board

It is designed for beginners, intermediate or even pro users. It contains extra-large deck that would help you to stand easily over the board. Birchwood construction with anti-slip tape will also assist you to stand over the board. It is one of the highly appreciated products among amazon. It is always good to have a device that you can adjust according to your will, don’t you think?

7. Goof Board Freestyle Balance Board

If you are a surfer then this board will give the same experience of surfing at home. Its unique design is specially built for suffers. Rides rail to rail that will give you the realistic satisfaction of surfing. It is the longest board available in the market with 44 inches in diameter.

GoofBoard Classic, balance board for Surfers
GoofBoard Classic, balance board for Surfers

Designed for mainly surfers but it also comes with “U-Block” that will assist beginners to build confidence. Its rail to rail motion provides a true surfing experience aligning rider’s body and mind. The board is made with birch plywood with a density of 15 mm. Weight limit is 450 lbs that mean it is designed for people of all ages. The roller is made by an environment-friendly material with the completely straight shape. The design is robust, strong and sturdy and meant for heavy use. The diameter of the roller is 4 inch. Goof board is very uniquely designed product for balance training and strength. We would recommend you to use over a carpet so that will get the best balance. Try it out. It is a fun instrument and we believe your money will not waste.

8. Revolution Core 32 Advanced Balance Board

An amazing creation of the manufacturers. Designed especially for advanced level skateboarders, Snowboarders, and Wakeskaters. The robust and elegant design will blow your mind. Solid maple board construction with freedom of performing different tricks is its unique feature.

Revolution Core 32 Advanced Balance Board
Revolution Core 32 Advanced Balance Board

Shuvits, backflips, 360 flip and many other tricks you can perform with this instrument. Weighed roller system is one the main feature of this board. The board also allows satisfactory release from the roller while performing tricks and it will give you a firm grip that will prevent a skid. Balancing requires specialization and you might need some days to adapt to this bad boy. The roller is finely finished with specialized material that allows smooth move when the board touches the roller. The upper portion of this board is constructed with anti-skid rubber so you can easily use it barefooted. The board is 32″ x 8.5″and the roller is about 4.5″ high from the ground. Many people worried about its capacity but in our opinion, it can bear the weight of an adult person. Come along with 3 different designs. So you can choose your desired design with ease. It provides real skateboard experience in your home, is not it cool?

9. Vew-Do El Dorado Balance Board

El dorado is one of the latest product of the balance board market and it is doing well. Ply maple deck and roller with end stop system is one of its unique features. Thin, handy and extra grip deck with a small roller makes it more challenging for the users.

Vew-Do Balance Boards - El Dorado
Vew-Do Balance Boards – El Dorado

It is suitable for advanced level training or practice. If you like some serious level of fun and balance then this product is meant for you. Small rounded roller allows a different range of angle of attacks and you will be able to tilt the board with your desire. Though it is designed for adults it will surely attract your kids. Performing tricks is very easy. This product weighs about 6 pounds and can be used during the rainy season. Many of our customers proclaim it over high-end balance boards and gave us feedback that it is a good trade-off. However, it is your decision whether to choose it or not.

10. Indo Board Original Balance Board

This is the last product we are going to review. Indo board is highly demandable product among market and it is very easy to ride on. Wooden deck with cohesive roller provides smooth rocking. The package also includes a training DVD that will allow you to learn more of its use.

Indo Board Balance Board Original with Roller
Indo Board Balance Board Original with Roller

It is virtually indestructible and comes along with 30” X 18” deck and 6.5” roller. Ideal for various types of exercise ride. Weight limits 275 lbs but practically it can withstand more weight. Unlike the bongo board, it does not contain rail and track system and it actually moves freely over the plastic roller. The roller is robust and sturdy, so do not bother about any breakage. Indo board’s free movement will allow you to perform different exercises. The deck is coated with anti-skid rubber that would assist you to stand barefooted over the deck. It comes along with different colors so you can choose your favorite one from various alternatives. Though some of our clients said that the picture of the product does not reflect its true color. There might be some difference between original and photograph color. Original color is more vibrant than its photographic demonstration. This blockbuster product comes with a very small price range. We believe you would not regret spending money on this particular item.


So this was all about our review about the best balance board. Besides these, there are several other boards present on market. We reviewed the products that are available and top rank earner among the market. Please keep in mind that different people have different taste and different purpose of use. A model might be very much liked by your friend or family members but it is not obvious that you would also like that particular one. Many people buy boards according to the opinion of their surrounding people and ultimately disliked the product. We strongly suggest you before buying balance board, please note down your passion and purpose of use. Different boards provide different features. Choose the best board that matches your desires and fulfill your requirements. Think well before you buy and it is our heartiest request that please do not fall in a trap or buy anything that does not match your desires. Hope we clear our points regarding choosing the best wobble board. Feel free to give your feedback. We would really appreciate your opinion and suggestion. Thank you so much for giving your valuable time for us. Your satisfaction is the only thing we want.

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