Best Benefits of Eating Chocolate to Improve Your Health

There are very few foods that can rival the appeal and popularity of chocolate across many age groups and ethnicities. It tastes awesome in any form and that explains why the average US residents consume 12 pounds of dark sweet delicacy obtained from cocoa every year.

Best Benefits of Eating Chocolate to Improve Your Health

While it may boost the calorie intake to an extent, new researches indicate that gorging on chocolate can also offer you a number of health benefits and the positive effects outdo the drawbacks by a large margin. It has been found that cocoa and dark chocolate is fortified with more flavonols than most fruit juices and they also contain high levels of antioxidants.

While the newfound health-boosting properties of chocolate may make you excited, remember that it is necessary to eat the right type of chocolates. Researchers are of the view that among all available variants, dark chocolates contain maximum amounts of powerful antioxidants.

On the contrary, milk chocolate contains excess amounts of sugar and milk solids. Therefore, before you buy a chocolate bar, read the ingredients used to ensure you get optimum health benefits. Know which vegetables are good for health in the autumn season.

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Cancer Fighting Properties 

Amazing as it may sound to a section of people, there is a compound in cocoa called Pentamer that thwarts cancer affected cells to spread in the human body. University of Georgetown researchers conducted a study on the capability of chocolate compound’s cancer-fighting properties. They found out pentamer could stop breast cancer cells to spread further. While this test was carried out on breast cancer cells, the scientists think the compound may be effective on other cancers too.

Dementia Cure in Hot Chocolate

There is nothing like sipping on a warm cup of molten chocolate on rainy evenings. However, apart from the great taste and flavor, hot chocolate can help you in coping with dementia, claim new studies. Hot cocoa contains enough flavanols that improve cognitive functioning of brain and nerves.

Diabetes and Dark Chocolate

While it may sound puzzling to eat chocolate to keep diabetes at bay, an Italian study has indicated that dark chocolate contains flavonoids that lower both cholesterol and blood pressure in humans. It can also help the manner your body metabolizes sugar and calories.

Heart Benefits of Chocolate Eating

Needless to say, the heart is a vital organ in the human body and you should take every possible step to ensure it remains healthy. It has been shown in studies that chocolate eating can reduce the risk of blood clotting. Those who gorge on chocolates often have better cardiovascular health. When you eat chocolate regularly, bad LDL cholesterol level goes down and risk of heart attack also subsides. Dark chocolate has ingredients that fight inflammation in the human body and thus reduces heart risk.

Treating Cough and Cold with Chocolate

Cocoa has a compound called theobromine that can help you cope with the common cold. This chemical in cocoa can restrict the functioning of sensory nerves in people afflicted with cold. It may also help victims of a cough and they get better results from chocolate compared to OTC cough syrups.

Beat the Blues with Chocolate

Apart from helping you stay fit and improving immunity level, eating chocolate can boost your mood. The researches indicate a compound present in cocoa named polyphenol that can calm your nerves. So, next time you feel bogged down with work stress or household chores, take a break and bite a bar of chocolate.

Chocolate can Sharpen the Mind

As per the study findings published in Neurology journal, chocolate eating can sharpen the mind and enhance analytical skills. It can be helpful for elderly people who are experiencing a decline in brain skills.

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