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What is the staple of the fast-food industry?best deep fryer oil

You would probably know about it. If not, just read on this ‘general info’ article to get the right answer to the question as well as other interesting information.

Among the fried food items, the deep-fried ones have always been popular the world over. It is particularly because of their taste and deliciousness. Such foods are an integral part of many traditional cuisines.

Taking into account their widespread use and popularity, it gets justified to say the deep-fried foods have become the staple of the fast food industry.

Meanwhile, you should also know that deep frying is not always the healthiest cooking method especially when it is done on an industrial scale. However, deep frying can be made healthy at home by maintaining hygiene, proper cleaning of your deep fryer, and using the best oil for home deep fryer.

Not all oils are equal and good for healthy cooking. Sometimes, the choice of the best oil for home deep fryer also depends on the type of food you are going to fry.

For example, if the given food is to be fried at a high temperature, choose the oil which does not decompose at the higher temperatures. Secondly, you would also prefer the type of oil which does not lose its quality or health benefits after repeated usage. There are oils which add to the aroma and delicacy of the food but they are usually costly.

Here are the factors which should be taken into account while you look for the best oil for home deep fryer:

  • Health Benefits: Health benefits serve as the most important factor in the choice of suitable oil for deep frying. So, you should never go for an oil which is injurious to health. Lots of different oils are available in the market which promise great health benefits with their high nutritious value. They include sesame oil, canola oil, peanut oil, rice bran oil, flaxseed oil, cotton seed oil, coconut oil, vegetable oil, and so on.
  • Aroma: The importance of aroma is second only to vision or appearance in the selection of food by an individual. A dish rich in aroma is likely to become the favorite of all and sundry.
  • Heat Tolerance: Considering the heat tolerance level of the oil for frying is also essential. If it deteriorates in quality after some time of frying, people will be less likely to go for such a product. There are oils which retain their quality and nutritious value even after several hours of heating.
  • Price Factor: While looking for the best oil for home deep fryer, you cannot turn a blind eye to the price factor. And here is a piece of good news that several types of healthful, aromatic and heat-tolerant oils are quite low priced and fall within affordability of range of almost everyone.
  • Availability: What will you do of the best oil for home deep fryer if it is not available in the market around? So, the availability matters as much as any other factor in the selection of a suitable product for frying. Majority of oils are easily available, with only a few being rare and thus difficult to find.

Best Deep Fryer Oil for Home Use Review

The job of deep frying seems to be easy and interesting, but malpractice and lack of care can pose a serious risk to the health of the individuals who eat the deep-fried food.

Undoubtedly, one of the most important things in this regard is to choose the right oil for the purpose. Though animal fats like ghee and drippings are considered excellent choices for deep frying, a vegetable fat is regarded as the better alternative.

It is not surprising to note that the food experts and the health care providers alike vote in favor of coconut oil as the healthiest and best oil for home deep fryer. The claim is made on the basis of several logical grounds. Here are some convincing reasons why coconut oil should be the best choice.

Incredible Heat Tolerance

The low-quality oils are usually less heat tolerant. So, they deteriorate after a few minutes of heating. The first sign of their decomposition is the browning or blackening in the color. The change in taste is another big indicator the oil is losing its quality and nutritional value.

As the best oil for home deep fryer, coconut fat offers incredible heat tolerance. The results of different research projects indicate that the quality of this fat does not deteriorate even after eight hours of continuous deep frying at 180C.

Completely Harmless Source of Energy

Do you know more than 90% fatty acids in the coconut fat are saturated? It is particularly owing to this saturated fat content that the oil becomes highly heat resistant.

At the same time, the high fat content may alarm you about its health risks. However, this is not something of real concern.

Previously considered unhealthy, the saturated fats are now regarded as completely harmless source of energy for humans on the basis of new studies. So, coconut oil is not only good for deep frying but also for your health.

Rich in Health Benefits

As you may already know, coconut oil carries numerous health benefits for the users. For an instance, it can help your body get rid of bacteria and viruses. Secondly, with the consumption of this natural product, you can lose your belly fat.

Best Seller Coconut Oil Brand

While buying coconut oil online, you must look for a reliable brand that is known for providing pure, refined and high-quality product. In this regard, the Nutiva Organic Coconut Oil should catch your attention on the first sight.
best deep fryer oil

Rated nearly five stars by the users, it has been the best seller brand in the US for over ten years.

You can get a gallon of refined coconut oil for about $20! It will also appeal to those who want a neutral scent and flavor.

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