best hand blenders

Kitchen appliances play a very vital role in our everyday lives thanks to modern technology. We can prepare food with great ease because of these kitchen innovations we save time, money and energy. One of the most useful kitchen devices is the very popular hand blender. In choosing the right-hand blender available, we did our share of diligence and came up with the 5 best hand blenders in the market. Let’s move ahead and start our list of best hand blenders. Find here the best sandwich makers.

best hand blenders

Best Hand Blenders in USA 2019

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1. Mueller Ultra-Stick 500 Watt Multi-Purpose Heavy Duty Hand Blender (Consumer’s Choice)

Our very first product is the Mueller Ultra-Stick 500 Watt 9-Speed Powerful Immersion hand blender. This beauty is backed up with European quality and American guarantee of a 100% 2-year manufacturer’s warranty built with a vision to outperform and outlast other brands.

It has a 500-watt pure copper motor that withstands continuous use. The durable engine lasts up to three times longer than competitor’s motors so you can blend happily ever after purchasing one.

There are nine-speed settings which help you easily control the quality of your puree, smoothies, shakes and other recipes and with this versatile compact hand machine you can make anything that you want pesto, salsa, sauces, whipped cream, cakes, soups Indian dishes, cocktails, pancake batter.

This hand blender also makes vegetable chopping and crushing frozen drinks effortless thanks to its durable stainless steel fixed-blade.

The ergonomic grip handle design prevents slips during continuous blending tasks adding to this excellent functionality is the dishwasher free removable blending arm that can reach deep and easily twist off for quick cleaning. Mueller Ultra-Stick hand blender comes with a 20 ounce BPA free blending cup and whisk.

2. OXA Smart Powerful 4 in 1 Hand Blender (Best Value Hand Blender)

The next item on our list is the OXA smart powerful 4 in 1 immersion hand blender set which includes 500ml food chopper, 600ml BPA free beaker egg whisk, and splash guard. These accessories and attachments are all designed to make your everyday tasks in the kitchen stress-free.

This superlight sleek immersion hand blender is powered by a 300-watt motor which effortlessly chops, blends or whisks all kinds of dry, frozen and wet ingredients. The six-speed and turbo settings of this hand blender speed up your kitchen duties and help you create homemade recipes with much enthusiasm, preparing perfect and delicious smoothies every day is also guaranteed by this ultra-efficient hand blender.

The outfish sharp rust-proof blades of OXA smart powerful hand blender can pulverize through raw ingredients while a quick pulse motion leaves your food a bit chunky and a splash guard prevents ingredients flying all over the place.

This portable machine may be a little small but we assure you that OXA smart powerful hand blender can do a multitude of tasks and make your cooking experience convenient for maximum comfort and security. Its grip and handle are rubberized so all detachable parts are dishwasher safe.

3. Cuisinart CSB-79 Dual Speed Stainless Steel Hand Blender

The Cuisinart CSP 79 smart stick hand blender comes at 3rd position on our list of best hand blenders. Chopping, grinding, whipping, blending and making purees can now be done with ease all thanks to this astounding 2-speed control Cuisinart hand blender. It includes whisking, blending and chopping or a grinder attachment, of course, a power cord too.

The stylish brushed stainless steel blender has a OneTouch operation where you can use it with just one hand how convenient is that nevertheless, it blends your ingredients just right into the pan pitcher or bowl you can opt for a continuous or pulse action in its low or high push button control which is powered by a 200 watt motor. If you do not have anything to measure in the ingredients, the Cuisinart CSB 79 has a 16-ounce mixing and measuring beaker also.

It is easy to clean just rinse the prep bowl, blade and cover with water so that the ingredients will not dry on the said parts. Other components such as the whisk head grinding bowl, blending shaft and mixing cup are dishwasher safe. The package includes an instruction manual and recipe booklet.

4. KitchenAid KHB2352CU 3-Speed Hand Blender

The KitchenAid KHB2352CU hand blender deserves the 4th spot on our list you want to know why because this is a very sleek contour silver color blender now comes in handy. If you want to make many culinary creations in a fast and easy way, with this hand blender, you can whisk, chop, crush and so much more simply choose the appropriate speed.

It has a removable 8-inch blending arm blocked with a stainless steel S-shaped fixed blade into the motor body for ease of use you can say the whole lot of time as well because it quickly blends your ingredients for your soup, baby puree foods, shakes, and smoothies. Its non-slip and comfortably soft grip allows you to mix all the ingredients continuously together without slipping and sliding

When you purchase the KHB2352CU three-speed hand blender, it includes a whisk and chopper attachment. Want your white creams and egg whites – fluffy peaks? The whisk attachment of this handy blender will help you achieve that while the 2.5 cups BPA-free chopper attachment with lid locks to let you chop and crack harder stuff like nuts, cheese, and even cooked meat.

5. Breville BSB510XL Immersion Hand Blender

Last but not least on our list of best hand blenders is the Breville BSB 510 XL control grip immersion blender. It features a revolutionary shape that has internal ribbing to reduce suction for great control and efficient blending. The blender is also equipped with a powerful 280-watt motor to produce adequate power to the blades.

This hand blender has a unique pistol light control grip with trigger operation. It has a multi-purpose immersion blender that can whisk, blend and chop. The whisk attachments work best in whisking creams and egg whites while the blending shaft is helpful in making baby food and soup chopped herbs, nuts, and meats in less than a minute because this control grip immersion blender has a chopping bowl with stainless steel chopping blades.

This fantastic blender also features a stainless shaft which especially makes a soft base that prevents scratching post. Another great feature of this control grip immersion blender includes a 25-ounce chopper bowl and a 42-ounce extra-large jug that has a storage lid and an anti-slip mat.

The 8-inch immersion depth is useful in blending larger sizes or more massive amounts of food in a deeper bowl. It also comes with a 15 speed setting Cleaning after use is also easy with BSB 510 XL control grip immersion blender other than the chopping blade, whisk gear and motor, the other parts are safe to wash either by hand or dishwasher.


We hope that we were able to help you decide which hand blender is the best for you to chop vegetables, frozen meat whatever it is. We understand the features as well as preference matters and choosing what product to buy that is why we are dedicated to helping you make easier decisions by showing you the product while telling you the features you can expect. If you still got questions or suggestions regarding the above reviewed best hand blenders, shoot us an email or write down in the comment section below. We would definitely like to assist you anytime.

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