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As we all love Headphones or earphone and they have become an essential part of our life to buy one. We visit several online sites and compare several of them on basis of manufacturers, special features, price range etc. However, we fail to notice some basic features that are very essential. In this review, you will see how we can select the best headphones for ourselves and for our loved ones as after spending several hours and researching different resources we have compiled a list of top 10 best headphones available on the market. So let’s begin without wasting any time and become a headphone geeky person. If you were looking for something bigger regarding sound and music, worth to check out the best floor standing speaker.

best headphones

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Best Headphones of 2019

Brand/ModelTypeColorWeight (Oz)Price
Audio-Technica ATH M50xOver-EarBlack, White, Blue, Gun Metal10.08See Price
Sennheiser HD 598Over-EarBlack, Ivory9.6See Price
Bose QuietComfort 25Over-EarBlack6.88See Price
Panasonic RP-HJE120-KIn-EarBlack0.14See Price
Beats Studio WirelessOver-EarBlack9.2See Price
Sony MDR1AOver-EarBlack38.4See Price
beyerdynamic T51iOn-EarSilver16.96See Price
Monster iSportIntraauralBlack10.4See Price
RHA T10iIn-EarBlack7.04See Price
Amazon Premium Super66On-EarBlack19.2See Price

Factors to Consider When Selecting a Headphone


The first thing that we need to see is impedance. In simple terms, headphone impedance represents the amount of power needed to drive a pair of headphones. Lower the impedance, the better it is. General range in the market is 12 to 50 ohms but we will recommend 25 ohms or less.


The second thing that we need to see is the frequency response. The more comprehensive the frequency response, the better it is. We recommend 15 Hertz to 20 kilohertz that will be a great choice.


The third thing that we need to see is sensitivity. It indicates how loud the headphones will go. Higher the value, the louder it will be. Most headphones are within the range of 85 to 120 DB so if you like soft sound, 100 DB will be sufficient for you otherwise choose a higher value.

Noise cancellation

Finally, we need to see the noise cancellation feature. It refers to how well the headphone keeps the music in and block outside noise this is an added advantage feature. Headphone with this feature is a bit costlier.

Other General Aspects to Consider

Other than those technical aspects, we need to follow some other common factors as well such as;

Compatibility – Is the headphone compatible with your mobile, tablet, laptop etc? The more devices it supports, the better it is regarding usefulness.

Mic Does it have a mic or call saving feature? These features are helpful while driving or doing some work please note that headphone having mic will have quality listening as compared to non-mic headphones.

Volume Control – Does it have a volume control pause and play features if yes, then it is an added advantage.

Lightweight – Make sure that it a lightweight and bread fit when buying a headphone. This two are essential or else you will feel a great discomfort.

If you keep these basic points in mind while buying your headphone, you can buy yourself a valid headphone under your budget and become a headphone geeky person.


1. Audio Technica ATH- M50x Headphones (Best Selling Headphone)

Quality Sound

If you are looking for a good pair of headphones and you don’t want to give more money then they are worth to buy. The new Audio-Technica ATH-M50x headphones are a right choice for you. Since for the users of headphones, one of the most important qualities is the quality of the sound so this pair will not disappoint you. The sound you will get will be very detailed with tight bass and very balanced sound. You will be able to fully enjoy every beat. Sound quality was awarded a high grade of 9.0.


Of course, the second most crucial feature is for them to be comfortable. No one on the earth wants a pair of headphones which are not comfortable. But this pair is indeed very comfortable and have little bit more cushiony earcups along with a detachable cord design with three cords included. Their design and comfort are awarded the same grade as their sound quality – 9.0.

What Listeners Say

Well, they have become trendy and one of the reasons for it is that they were kind of the anti-Beats. To explain this, we’ll tell you that they were chosen by the smarter listeners who didn’t want to overpay their headphones and kept them not sucked into the whole beats marketing machine. So that is one of the reasons why we recommend them.

Price Tag

Of course, the price is playing one of the most critical roles here, since the original beats by Dre Studio have a price of $350, you can save money and buy Audio-Technica ATH-M50x headphones which, to be honest, sound much better and are built better than other expensive ones.  You can get them for $149 in the United States, £113 in the United Kingdom, and AU$262 in Australia. We hope that we have helped you in making a good choice and that you won’t be disappointed with this model.

Overall Value

There is just one small problem since they were designed and built to be used inside the studio. They do not have an inline remote or microphone. So for the people who are planning to use them on the go, this may be a problem. But still be sure that with them you will have great design, comfort and amazing quality of the sound. You can get them in three different colors in Black, White, and Blue and you will get them with three different cords in the box which will match the color you have chosen.

2. Sennheiser HD 598 Headphones (Consumer’s Choice)

The Ultimate Headphones for Quality Sound

The Sennheiser HD 598 headphones are very classic-looking headphones that are exceptionally comfortable and produces quality sounding music. They are designed in a very stylish manner and happen to be some of the best headphones available. You will undoubtedly feel proud of them. Get these high-quality headphones today and you will love how they sound. They employ the latest technology besides being light in weight which allows easy carrying and portability. The headphone has been the number one choice because of various reasons like:

Guarantees great comfort

The Sennheiser HD 598 headphones are known to be very comfortable due to their lightweight design and soft features. They are also robust as they come with deluxe Velour cover with the best ear cushions. Besides this, they also have a leather headband that is amplified for your enjoyment.

Employs the Ergonomic Acoustic Refinement technology

These elegant headphones will always ensure inward listening due to the employment of this latest technology. It is for directly channeling audio into your ears for effective sound production. Enjoy the deep bass and the precision of the mids and highs.


These smart headphones are very compatible with various devices hence very reliable and convenient. It has a 50-ohm impedance that is compatible with different devices like computers, tablets, and even phones. Get these classic headphones today for quality sound production. These are some of the best headphones within this price range.

It has a very unique sound stage and exceptional clarity

Sennheiser HD 598 headphones have an excellent clarity that makes them unique. This exceptional clarity brings about tonal details, balance, and definition. It is also designed in a very stylish way for that makes it stand out among other headphones. These are the ultimate headphones for quality sound.

It is stylish and beautiful

The headphone has the best black premium metal mesh plus along with high-quality gloss burl wood accents. These are some sporty designs that make the headphone very modish and attractive. It is just more than you may expect. Find this smart headphone today and you will love the quality sound system. These are some of the best headphones you can buy.

Better Connectivity

The headphones have various connectivity that comprises of 3.5 adapters, oxygen-free copper 3-meter detachable cable galvanized with gold and a single sided. These connectivity characteristics also bring about better compatibility.

Despite the high-quality features, the headphones are relatively cheap and affordable. It also comes with up to two-year warranty.


  • It is very comfortable.
  • It is designed in a stylish manner that makes it attractive.
  • Employs the EAR technology for the quality sound production.
  • Has an exceptional sound clarity for tone variation.
  • Relatively cheap and affordable.

These are some of the world’s best headphones available today. If you are looking for a quality sound system, these may be just for you. You may just fall in love with these headphones.

3. Bose QuietComfort 25 Noise-Cancelling Headphones

Are you consistently facing cracking and noise interference while using your headphones? Bose QuietComfort 25 Noise Cancelling Headphones one of the latest additions in audio-based technology that offers dynamic sound systems. The noise cancelling framework and passive mode circuitry is a fresh revision. Heavily sculpted sounds with exceptional bass control are significant features of the device and improvements on the older models. Learn more about the device as we reveal all you need to know about the design, sound system, price and features of the device.

Flexible and Sleek

Speaking of building, QuietComfort 25 is a durable device which is also available in a white and tan color. Extremely comfortable, the QC25 is a better choice as compared to its predecessors that comprise of the steady frame. The detachable cord is thicker and the caste hinge is precisely designed for a snug fit. The model weighs around 6.9 ounces with a folding design that makes it highly portable. The plush ear cups are lined with aqua blue grills on the insides with a power switch on the right that helps to turn the device on/off.

Powered by a single AAA battery users can rejoice in the knowledge that Bose QC25 delivers 35 hours of performance without any hassle. Even better is its consistency where if the battery dies down, the music continues to play on backup. For business entrepreneurs, the device offers inline remote and a microphone for taking calls. The passive circuitry of the device makes it a valuable buy complimented by an auto-off function. The zip-up protective case is an addition which features an etched diagram of the headphone’s functions.

Noise Cancellation Circuitry

With headphones as sophisticated as Bose QuietComfort 25, the engineered fabrication of the device does a fantastic job of blocking out unwanted noise effects. You can hear a person talking to you while using the headphones because of the in-ear pair which is a Bose specialty. Constant clamor of work environments, machines, trains etc are reduced drastically with the treble and bass under control. Such balanced sound signatures have made Bose quite a favorite brand with decreased distortions and a heavy bass. At $200, the device is worth checking out especially when it offers a crisp, clear and rich audio response.

Feel the Beat with Bose QuietComfort 25 Noise-Cancelling Headphones

Bose QuietComfort 25 is a fantastic addition that has been redesigned to provide a stellar noise canceling benefits in a comfortable yet durable design. With a wider soundstage, the lightweight efficiency of the model makes it a fantastic device.

4. Panasonic ErgoFit RP-HJE120 Earbuds (Best Budget Headphones)

The ErgoFit RP-HJE120 is one of the cheapest earbuds available in the market – but don’t let the price fool you because this is a very decent pair of earbuds for around $13. If you are one of those guys who lose their earbuds quite often then this is the perfect earbuds for you. If you have a low budget but want to buy a durable and long lasting headphone then go for it. They come with small, medium and large silicone ear inserts for different ear sizes, so you don’t have to worry about the headphones not fitting correctly in your ear.


The ErgoFit RP-HJE120 is entirely made of plastic and is designed to perfectly fit in your ear without popping out too often. They do an excellent job in cancelling out any outside noise so that you only listen to the sound of your headphone. It comes with a two feet long cord. It has a classic 3.5 mm jack which means that it will work on any device which has a headphone jack in it.


Durability is one of the best features of these headphones. When it comes to headphones, they tend to stop working after a couple of months due to its poorly designed material, but these headphones have a lot of plastic armored around its jack, which makes its wiring very secure and long-lasting. For its price, the ErgoFit RP-HJE120 will easily last for a couple of years without any significant problems.


The sound is pretty decent for its price. The bass quality is not as good as high-end headphones but for the price, it does a pretty good job. The treble quality is fantastic in this headphones. The biggest pro of the sound is not the sound itself but the ability of the earbuds to cancel all outside noise. This enhances your music listening experience and makes you listen to every tiny bit of detail.


The ErgoFit RP-HJE120 is available in a wide variety of colors to choose from. So if you have a device with a specific color and want to buy matching headphones for it then you can undoubtedly find one matching your device.

Overall Value

Though these headphones are not the best when compared to the high-end brands. It certainly is the best in the price range. When you are short of cash and want to buy a decent pair of headphones that will last you a long time, then buying the ErgoFit RP-HJE120 will be the best decision you will make.

5. Beats Studio Wireless Bluetooth Headphones

Achieve Premium Sound

What’s better than a wireless version of Beats Studio headphones that comes along with adequate noise cancelling features and excellent ergonomics? If you’ve recently been shopping for electronics, Beats Studio Wireless Bluetooth Headphones is an intimate and efficient device that has been redesigned to offer additional benefits. If you’re in the mood for the clear audio reception, the model is an exclusive buy especially if you’re ready to spend a few bucks.

What to Experience?

Wireless streaming from any kind of Bluetooth enabled device and active noise canceling, what more can you expect from Beats? This innovative redesign of Studio Wireless Bluetooth Headphones impressed audiophiles with its sleek framework showcasing lighter models that holds a sturdy built. Alongside the headphones, you have two rubbery, tangle resistant cables – one that consists of an inline control microphone while the other doesn’t. Both cables comprise of 3.5mm 90 degree input jacks and highly compatible USB wall adapter.

Why You Should Buy Them?

The variance in sonic performance was a surprising boost while most of the primary element designs have been moderated. More streamlined, the design is all about curves and gives a flexible feel. The durability of the device is exceptional giving a less industrial look as the screws are mostly hidden from sight. Softer ear cups allow users to comfortably listening to music, however, controls had been altered. The red button, present on the left cup externally, serves the purpose of pause/play.

Users can enjoy 12 hours of wireless operation that is powered by backup charging. The row of five, small white LED’s signify power status and battery strength making it easier for users to understand its functions. One of the best features of the device is the dual mode noise cancelling option, one which shuts out the external racket and the other which gives you a pleasant musical ambiance. Beats uses digital signal processing for specific sound signatures that comes with an automatic on/off button.

Instrumental Features

  1. The wired complexity of the device tames treble and contains a long-lasting battery.
  2. Adaptive noise canceling has been framed with an automated control.
  3. A better-controlled and robust bass system supports the sleek design.
  4. Excellent compatibility with wireless headsets that supports cell phone calls.
  5. Ergonomics of the device presents a snug fit that is accompanied with a tight seal.
  6. The spongy memory foam ear pads packed with a padded underside gives a comfortable feel.
  7. An additional microfiber cleaning cloth comes with the compact package and a traveling case with a price tag of $380.
  8. Apple-friendly remote and USB cord for wired operations are inclusive with the device which contains microphones for active mobile calls.

Overall Value

Overall Beats Studio Wireless Bluetooth Headphones is a wonderful combination of smart design and powerful sound quality. The equivalence in features gives it a turnover having a higher efficiency than its predecessor devices.

6. Sony MDR-1A Headphones (Best Value for Money)

Sony’s MDR-1A headphones have a full-size, over-the-ear design. They also come with plush leather ear pads that give them a luxurious yet supremely comfortable feel. This means that you can wear them for hours at a time. Their earpads apply a precise amount of pressure to the ears. MDR-1A headphones have a potent base that is free of bloat and bloom. With exceptional clarity and dynamic punch, these headphones are sure to satisfy even the most sophisticated audiophile tastes.

Features and design

MDR-1A headphones are full-size with ear cushions that are racetrack-shaped. This design ensures that the headphones cover your ears entirely not all full-size headphones achieve this feat. If you prefer to listening to music without any outside interference, Sony’s MDR-1A headphones are ideal as they have soft and pliant cushions that provide a tight seal. At a weight of 240 grams, they are perfect for prolonged music-listening sessions. The leather cushions and pristine exterior exude quality. Additionally, the metal ear cups pivot vertically and horizontally, and their range is better than usual.

Sony’s MDR-1A headphones do not have a hinged headband. As a result, they cannot collapse into a smaller bundle. However, the ear cups can be folded flat. Their cables come with grooves that lessen friction – this reduces the likelihood of tangling when they are loose in your bag.


Instead of firing the Liquid Crystal Polymer Diaphragm straight into the ear, MDR-1A headphones’ drivers are balanced at an angle to provide sound precision. These diaphragms can deliver high frequencies of up to 80 kHz – more than thrice the frequency delivered by most headphones in the same price range. Although the human ear does not usually hear frequencies above 20 kHz, Sony is interested in creating designs that reproduce the frequencies most people can hear with excellent accuracy.


Their removable cable uses a 3.5mm jack can easily be replaced at a cheap price. Sony has made several modifications to the MDR-1A’s cable to include a slim-line 3 button remote control and hands-free housing, which let you change tracks and volume on-the-go. Along with the remote cable and headphones, you get an extra remote-free 2m cable and a carry case made of the fabric.

Overall Value

Sony’s MDR-1A headphones are highly recommended for people who spend hours listening to music. They are a great choice for persons looking to eliminate external noise while listening to tracks, podcasts, shows, or movies. Even if they come with a costly price tag, music lovers looking for highly accurate-sounding headphones will appreciate them.

7. Beyerdynamic T51i On-Ear Headphones

Have you been looking for the perfect set of headphones with top-notch features? It is a task indeed to find the perfect set of headphones. That is when we came across the Beyerdynamic T51i on-ear headphones and we were quite impressed with their specs and performance. This power packed beast had a fantastic range of sound and great substance to back it up. The on-package specifications everyone is aware of – we went a step further and explained, in detail, the positives and negatives of this product.


These headphones are available in a silver color with black ear cup, wires, and remote buttons. The design is sleek and sexy.-premium feel does not attract fingerprints so it is low maintenance. The ears cups are soft and fit snugly on the ears and don’t impinge on them. These are much lighter than we expected them to be. The color combination is classy and looks super cool.


Exceptional noise cancellation – excellent, high quality, crisp, smooth and relatively accurate sound with the right amount of bass and treble. Not too much, not too less. Music is meant to feel pleasant to the ears and the Tesla technology does just that.

Excellent and beautiful design – The device looks very attractive and can quickly grab a customer’s attention merely on its looks. Also, earpieces have kind of ribbon of silicone that hides the wires in them and feels very soft on the ears.

Good button layout – The volume buttons and the mic are well placed and easy to access. It also has a multi-functional button which can either serve as a play pause button or anything else you may want to bind it.

Easy to use – They are very easy to use and are low maintenance so you don’t have to worry much about the handling care.

Price – The price at which they are sold currently in the market which is very reasonable considering the quality of sound they offer and how good they look while many companies out there are applying a heavy premium price on just looks.

Utility buttons – 3 button Apple remote control along with a microphone for a smartphone and Apple compatible media playback is a real boon for Apple lovers.

Overall Value

All in all, these are high-quality exceptional headphones and are just about perfect to carry around anywhere hassle-free. There is nothing better than investing in some high-quality headphones which will give the best of everything premium feel, the sound quality, looks, comfort, and durability. This is why we would highly recommend these if you are looking for on-ear headphones. This is it!! This is just what you need.

8. Monster iSport Victory In-Ear Headphones (Best Workout Headphone)

These in-ear headphones are equipped with micro-strand conductors which deliver the favorite musical hit crisply, effectively, and dramatically. They are designed with a super comfortable ear hook with an updated OmniTip giving a better unshakable fit while experiencing that powerful and quality audio compared to any other sports headphones. Generally, the ultimate high performing sports headphones, iSport Victory are rugged, sweatproof and washable. They have a pro sound isolating ear-tips to ensure a tight seal, which blocks out water and leaves the deep, pulse-pounding sound.

They are Enhanced with OmniTip Technology

An athletes favorite friendly feature of these type of headphones is the new and improved version of OmniTip nozzle technology. This fantastic innovation ensures that the in-ear headphones give a superior sound performance without falling off the ears during the most serious of workouts.

Hands-Free Control Feature

The in-ear headphones are made with a control talk on cable microphone and a hand free remote control which lets an individual make, receive or cancel calls as well as control the music playback on the phone. The flat, tangle-free cord and the convenient right angle jack are also compacted together to ensure that they don’t get in the way of your workouts.

Total noise isolation

The in-ear headphones do a great job of blocking out the unwanted outside noise. This results in profound and pulse-pounding sounds of individual favorite tunes. You can also feel safe that these earbuds will remain in place even with movement.

They are washable and sweat proof

The in-ear headphones manage to stay snugly in the ears even when you are sweating it out or exercising under the rain. They are also integrated with a unique antimicrobial formulation which eliminates germs on contact and washing it is also a breeze. This helps to keep them hygienic and ensures that they do not accumulate a lot of germs when regularly used.

Other Features

We highly recommend buying iSport Victory in-ear headphones:

  • They have an excellent sound with clear trebles, rich and thick bass.
  • They are exceptionally comfortable because they can be worn for long hours.
  • They customized with many different ear tips for the user.
  • Have easily accessible Controls which are located on the left cord.
  • Have complete noise-isolation and therefore are best for private listening.
  • Have a tangle-free flat cord which keeps it secure when in use.
  • Have a protective clap pouch.
  • Have an anti-microbial formulation.

9. RHA T10i In-Ear Headphones

The High-Fidelity In-Ear Headphones You’ve Been Looking For

Are you looking for some tremendous sounding headphones that are under $200 and are much smaller than the over-ear designs? One of the great things about the RHA T10i’s is a compact, lightweight, and portable design. These are not your average white Apple earbuds that came with your mp3 player. The RHA T10i in-ear headphones are top of the line when it comes to sound quality. Earphones are always at a disadvantage when it comes to sound quality due to their small and compact size, but as you can see they still beat-out many other excellent headphones. Not only do the T10i’s feel solidly built (composed of stainless steel housings), they happen to be very comfortable even after extended use, with some heavy hitting bass. It is more common for earphones to be lacking when it comes to bass, which is not the case with the RHA T10i’s.


Even with the little bit of extra weight, due to the robust stainless steel housings, the soft inserts and the exquisitely balanced design ensures maximum comfort for many hours of use. Additionally, the manufacturers include a wide range of sizes and shapes of inserts to choose from. People with ears of all shapes and sizes can feel comfortable knowing Their earphones will fit as expected. If you find yourself falling asleep with your earphones in, these are comfortable enough just for that purpose. The one thing we’ve noticed is that the inserts shape-to your ear as you use them. If you don’t use them for a couple weeks, it seems as if they return to Their original shape and you have to start over. There is some good and some bad to this. The good is that you will always have that custom fit “feel”. The bad is that if you don’t wear them for a while, the first time you do listen to them, it may take a bit getting used to.


Even without active noise-cancellation, the T10i earphones do especially well when it comes to blocking out ambient noise. No need to worry about blasting your music just to drown out the background noise, these in-ear headphones do exactly that, keep the background noise in the background. Another characteristic that stood out is the powerful bass response. If you prefer headphones that are less than average when it comes to bass throttle, you may have to look elsewhere for your earbuds. This is not to say that the amount of bass produce is irritating or obnoxious at all. We happen to love them for their outstanding bass. We like bass. If you listen to rap, hip-hop, dubstep, or any other related genres, you will love these earphones as well. The bass hits hard, but at the same time does it very elegantly and efficiently, working nicely with the mids and highs, which also happen to be exceptionally clear and detail oriented.

10. HIFI Elite Super 66 Headphones

A lot of people look for quality over-ear headphones that are easy to travel and move around with. While this may be a challenge (because over-ear headphones are just not made for that purpose), we might have found just the perfect gear that meats that qualification – the HIFI Elite Super66. This product has been included on various lists about the best Bluetooth over-ear headphones and for a good reason! Here are some of its portability features.


It comes with retractable headphone joints that make the product foldable for more accessible storage; and of course, you can use the Bluetooth or wireless feature so you won’t need to bother about the restricting cords anymore, and also for more head mobility.

However, we believe that the reason why it is one of the best over ear Bluetooth headphones is that of its reliable functions. The sound quality that it provides (even while on wireless) can compete with the more high-end brands of audio equipment, those that cost probably a couple of hundred dollars more. This product may even be better.

But that’s not all. You can answer calls with this baby too. In this way, you can rest assured that you will not be missing any calls even with this gear on your head. We also found the materials that it was made of durable and reliable. It doesn’t feel lightweight, and most of all, it doesn’t feel cheap.

Overall Value

In the end, we are confident to say that no one will ever regret buying this product ever. It is a worthwhile investment regarding quality that definitely won’t dent your budget.

Different Types of Headphones

  • Earbud
  • In-ear
  • On-ear
  • Over-the-ear
  • In-Ear-Canal
  • Wireless
  • Noise Cancelling

Pros of Different Types of Headphones

  • Earbud Headphones – Portable and inexpensive.
  • In-ear Headphones – Lightweight, favorable noise isolation, outstanding price to performance ratio.
  • On-ear Headphones – Lightweight, comfortable to wear, foldable, best for commuting.
  • Over-the-ear – The best over ear headphones are durable, surround sound features, superior soundstage, impressive sound quality.
  • In-Ear-Canal Headphones- Impressive bass response, suitable noise isolation.
  • Wireless Headphones – Easy to bring, high utility when exercising and other activities where headphone wires are disruptive.
  • Noise Cancelling Headphones – Excellent noise reduction/cancellation, comfortable.

Cons of Different Types of Headphones

  • Earbud Headphones – Poor noise isolation, design easily falls out of the ear, can be painful to wear.
  • In-ear Headphones – Prolonged wearing leads to ear irritation, sound haloing, hazardous.
  • On-ear Headphones – Padding collects moisture from ear sweating, poor noise isolation.
  • Over-the-ear – Not for outdoor use, expensive, requires an amplifier.
  • In-Ear-Canal Headphones – Not comfortable to wear, not suitable for extended use, can be expensive.
  • Wireless Headphones – Runs on batteries, poor sound quality.
  • Noise Cancelling Headphones – Bulky, poor sound quality, runs on batteries.

How to Use Headphones

  • Situate the cables and earpieces to its corresponding size.
  • Place the headphone around your head and ears.
  • Turn down the volume of the device.
  • Connect the headphone plug to the audio source output jack.
  • Adjust the sound settings.


In the end, all we can say is that headphones are just perfect if you want to listen to the excellent quality sound. This is the reason why music professionals opt to use this product as well. We surely hope it helped you make your buying decision easier. We understand the features as well as preference matters and choosing what product to buy that is why we are dedicated to helping you make easier decisions by showing you the product while telling you the features you can expect. If you found a headphone worthy of buying or have any questions or suggestions regarding the above reviewed best headphones, shoot us an email or write down in the comment section below. We would like to assist you anytime.

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