Best Heated Ski Socks
Who likes cold feet while out on the slopes skiing, on the trails cross country skiing, ice fishing or out hiking the winter alpine trails? Nope! I thought so! Have you ever used heated ski socks? I have not until I tried these for this article. Man do they every keep your feet warm while skiing, snowboarding, hiking, snowshoeing or just anytime when you are out in the cold.

Heated ski socks are pretty straight forward and utilize batteries to warm your feet to compensate for your body’s cooling temperature.

Heated Ski socks have several features designed to give you the best experience, such as the material and the height of the sock. Most ski socks are designed to keep your feet dry as well as warm.

As ski boots and snowboard boots are pretty tall and fit tight, make sure to choose a heated ski sock that rises above the top of your boot. Most heated ski socks have a layer of padding along the shin area to protect the skin of your legs from the hardened shell of the boots.

So, How Do Heated Ski Socks Work?

Heated socks (and other heated garments like coats, vests or gloves) use the small wires that radiate heat when a low level electrical current passes through them. Heated ski socks have small carbon wires woven into the fabric or are laced between wicking and windproof layers. After connecting the wires to a battery, the wires heat up which leads to heating your feet up.

Ok, so now after some fun filled testing, we will look at the best 5 heated ski socks to keep your feet comfortable and warm while out in the cold.

1. Lenz Product’s Heat Sock 1.0

Lenz Products Unisex Set Lithium Pack Heated Ski SockWhen it comes to heated ski socks, Lenz Products’s Heat Sock 1.0 has a long-lasting battery–up to 14 hours. That’s a lot of slope time!

The Heat Sock 1.0’s temperature is controlled via Bluetooth technology. Just connect to your smartphone and you can adjust without having to take off your snow pants or unbuckle your ski boots. What could be more convenient than that?

Lenz went with a blend of both wool and synthetic material to enable the sock to provide a very high level of heat control while maintaining good ventilation. The blend of merino wool, polyester, elastane, and polypropylene wicks off moisture while remaining odor resistant and they can also be machine washed. No more smelly socks after a few uses.

These heated ski socks feel just completely natural, as if they were made specifically for your feet. Lenz’s unique design also allows for the heat to spread equally throughout the feet so there’s no hot spots.

These socks, however, were not made to be utilized when participating in high intensity sports.

Three heat settings
Calf to toe heating
Bluetooth Technology
Machine washable
A bit pricey

2. Thermo Gear Heated Wool Socks

Thermo Gear Heated Wool SocksIf you’re an avid outdoorsman, Thermo Gear designed their heated socks with you in mind. Their mid-weight fabric is versatile, providing both maximum comfort and lasting durability. The fabric’s breathability makes Flambeau’s Heat Socks perfect for the winter sports like skiing, hiking or snowshoeing.

The mid-weight fabric is made from a wool blend (wool, acrylic, elastodine, spandex, and polyester) making these socks soft, yet durable and just the right balance of light and heavy. The Thermo Gear Heated Socks consist of three layers–the warm layer, the heating layer and the windproof layer. This makes them able to trap heat, block cold winds and yet are still light enough to properly ventilate. This triple layering allows for a more streamlined sock but also aids in the lifetime of the heating element by preventing damage to the element.

Thermo Gear Heated Socks come with a rechargeable heating battery pack. This element is powered via two lithium ion batteries that can be charged either through a mini-USB cable or a standard AC charger.

The 3.7 volt 3000 mAh lithium polymer rechargeable batteries aide in the overall comfort of the socks. All in all, the battery duration was pretty good averaging about 8-10 hours of heat time for these socks. These heated ski socks still keep your toes nice and warm from around 95F to 140F. As well, additional batteries can be purchased.

In my tests, most of the heat in Thermo Gear Heated Socks is concentrated in the toes and ball of the foot areas. This wasn’t my favorite part and could deter those who prefer a more generalized warming effect.

The triple layering that encases the heating element and the slim battery pack the heating element contribute to these socks being virtually invisible and feeling like traditional socks.

Triple Layering
3 temperature settings
Full day worth of battery life
Spot clean only
Need to check boot height as some have noted issues with taller boots

3. Global Vasion Rechargeable Heated Socks

Global Vasion Rechargeable Heated SocksGlobal Vasion is a leader and well-known in the industry. Their rechargeable heated socks feature material of cotton and spandex are made with absolute comfort in mind. These materials make the heated sock extremely absorbent and quick drying which prevents you from getting sweaty, smelly feet.

This soft material paired with reliable long lasting batteries, three temperature settings, padded reinforced heels and toes make Global Vasion a serious contender for the top rated heated ski sock.

Another very notable feature is the length of these socks. The shaft of the sock extends well into the mid to upper calf range keeping not just your toes, but the majority of your lower leg warm. The socks also feature a thick elastic band around the calf eliminating the need to worry about the sock slipping down during activities.

Most of the heating from these heated ski socks is located in the toe and forefoot areas. As such, almost of the heat is concentrated on your toes and forefoot. While that foucs on the parts that get the coldest, keep in mind, the bottom and ankle portion of the sock do not get heated which could be seen as troublesome for those whose whole feet tend to get cold.

Powered by a built in 3.7v battery that delivers up to 6 hours of continuous use at the lowest level (about 3-4 hours on the hottest setting), cold toes won’t be an issue. The heating system runs on two lithium ion batteries (one for each foot) which can be fully recharged in about 8 hours. Extra batteries are also available on Amazon.

Fairly inexpensive
Quite soft and comfortable
Durable and reliable
Recommend to hand wash
Lack of heating in foot and ankle areas

4. AutoCastle Electric Battery Heated Socks

AutoCastle Electric Battery Heated SocksThese socks were designed especially for the active outdoorsman. Sporting a comfortable blend of cotton and Spandex, these heated ski socks offer the perfect mix of comfort and warmth in a streamlined, lightweight design.

The cotton material provides the softness, while the spandex in the material of the socks provides consistent elasticity while still keeping the socks light and breathable. All this helps prevent sweaty or wet feet. The mid-calf height of these socks is the perfect prevention of rubbing or chafing from your ski boots or even hiking boots.

The heating element is built into the forefoot and toe of the sock. Upon turning these heated socks on, your toes are almost immediately feel your toes warming up. The heating element is thin enough that it is almost undetectable when using them. The three temperature settings (high, medium and low) allow you to adjust the level of heat you’d prefer. The hottest these socks can get is up to 120F.

As with many other heated ski socks, these AutoCastle Electric Battery Heated Socks are powered by 3.7v rechargeable batteries. The batteries typically run a maximum of 5-6 hours before needing a recharge. Unfortunately, the battery pack on these ski socks lives in a pocket located at the top of the calf of the socks. If you have taller ski boots, this could be a problem.

My wife likes that they come in multiple colors like Pink and Green, but I could care less as I prefer Black or Grey and besides, they are under a whole bunch of clothing so it doesn’t matter for me. However, she does wear hers around the house so the variety in colors is a nice touch.

3 heat settings
Lightweight design with good materials
Bulky battery pack

5. Mobile Warming Thawdaddy Heated Electric Sock

Mobile Warming Thawdaddy Heated Electric SockEquipped with a tri-blend of material and three remote control heat settings, Mobile Warming’s Thawdaddy Heated Electric Sock is a definite contender for top honors.

The antibacterial tri-blend fabric of the sock not only provides breath ability while trapping in the warmth but also the elasticity of the sock ensures the sock stays in place and doesn’t fall down in your ski boot.

The sock lands just above the calf creating a perfect protective area between your leg and your boots.

The Mobile Warming Thawdaddy Heated Electric Sock temperature control is managed by a remote control FOB. This unique features enables the wearer to toggle up or down between three different heat settings. The heating element of the sock is operated by a typical 3.7v battery. The battery compartment is integrated into the design of the sock at the top of the calf area.

With up to eleven hours of power per charge on the lowest setting, these heated ski socks will keep your toes warm while on the slopes.

Remote control the three heat settings
Longer length in calf
Machine washable
Only two sizes

What to Consider When Shopping For the Best Heated Ski Socks

Heated Ski Socks


When comparing heated ski socks, pay close attention to the material the sock is made from. The material should be lightweight, yet durable and moisture wicking. Typically, the best performing heated ski socks are made from a blend of cotton or wool, and Spandex.

Heat Duration

Battery life is a major factor to consider before purchasing a pair of heated ski socks. The battery life duration really depends on your level of usage and your heat settings. Most of the ski socks last up to about six hours on the slopes before needing a recharge.

Battery and Charging

Also, check and see if the battery is replaceable as you never know when you will lose one or if you needs spares for a longer stint in the cold. Most of the batteries for heated socks are 3.7v and provide enough power for about 4-8 hours at high settings. Most batteries are Lithium ION but I have seen some that use AA or AAA batteries.

Calf Length

Calf length is very important to consider before purchasing a pair of heated ski socks. To ensure maximum comfort, your ski sock should hit a couple of inches above the top of your your ski boot. If a sock is too short, the top of the ski boot will be at about the same height as the battery pack and that leads to serious comfort issues.

Temperature Adjustability

The ability to easily adjust the temperature seeting should not be forgotten. Many heated socks have manual adjustments. However, some fancier models have an app for your mobile phone or even a remote control FOB allowing you to adjust the settings.


Many of the heated socks are only hand washable, a few others are machine washable but air dry, and only a few are machine washable and dryable. Many will claim that their material prevents smells but after heavy use, you will have to wash your socks. So make sure you get heated ski socks that fit your lifestyle.

Heated Ski Socks FAQ

Heated Ski Socks

Q: How long do heated socks last?

A: Most heated socks have a two to three heat settings ranging from low to high. On the low setting, will get anywhere from 6-10 hours of battery life. On the high setting you will get around 3-4 hours of battery life.

Q: How do you wash heated socks?

A: Regardless of the manufacturer’s instructions, we recommend that heated socks should be hand-washed using warm water. Gently squeeze the heated socks while washing and rinsing. Do not twist the socks forcefully as that an damage the wiring inside. When done, just hang them up to air dry.

Conclusion on the Best Heated Ski Socks

If you just want to keep your feet warm while skiing or just being in the cold this winter, heated socks are one way to make it a more comfortable experience. We looked at several viable options and all are good for their specific purpose. If you are like me, I was hesitant to try heated socks at first, however, after giving in and testing them for this article, I was pleasantly surprised at how much more comfortable they made my feet. Get a pair today and you won’t regret it!

Finally, make sure to check out our guide on the top 5 best boot warmers for another affordable way to keep your feet warm outdoors in the cold.

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