best Infant Car Seats

Infant car seats are one of the first things that new expecting parents buy when shopping for their baby. It may not surpass the importance of primary necessities like clothing, feed bottles, bibs, and other baby stuff but if you have a car and you are expecting a baby, then an infant car seat is definitely a must for you to have. In this guide, we will present to you the five of the best infant car seats on the market. We came up with this list by taking consideration of the price, durability, longevity, safety, and usefulness so if you want a car seat that is perfect for you and your baby, take a look at below reviewed infant car seats.

best Infant Car Seats

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Best Infant Car Seats 2019

1. Graco SnugRide SnugLock 35 Infant Car Seat (Best Quality)

The first infant car seat on our list is SnugRide 35 elite infant seat. It is one of the favorite baby products brand Graco so you can be sure of the quality that you will be paying for. This rear-facing seat has the fantastic easy three-step installation so no more time-consuming and frustrating war against the seat moments for you. This Graco seat comes in two colors Oakley and Spencer both of them are prominently dark making it look classy and keeping them from looking dirty. It also features a quick and easy cleanup feature with its rapid remove cover.

Now let’s head to the technical features of this seat. It weighs 18.8 pounds and has a diameter of 29.1×18.3×16.2 inches. Are you worried whether your baby will fit in this car seat? It can accommodate babies from 4 pounds to a maximum weight of 35 pounds. You may also be delighted to know that this seat features Graco’s click connect feature which is a one-click system that secures the seat to any Greco strollers or carriers with the same functionality. This function lets you connect your car seat to a stroller when you go out to stroll.

2. Safety 1st Grow and Go 3-in-1 Infant Car Seat(Consumer’s Choice)

Next on the list is our choice for the most flexible infant car seat the Safety 1st Grow and Go 3-in-1 convertible car seat is true to its name making sure your child can use it throughout three stages since from 5-40 pounds. It can be turned into a forward-facing seat when your baby grows into a toddler of 22-65 pounds. Finally, it can be still used by kids who are 40 to 100 pounds. Isn’t that a great value for your money?

The seat’s easy in and easy out feature holds the harness in an open position making it easy for you to strap in and get your baby out of the seat. It comes with an easy off cover that is machine and dryer friendly for easy and hassle-free cleaning. It is available in nine colors but all are still primarily black or gray making it blend to your car’s interior. Now for the technical features, this infant car seat weighs 18.7 pounds and has dimensions of 24.5×19.2×24.2 inches. It can be used by kids from 5-100 pounds.

3. Britax B-Safe 35 Infant Car Seat (Most Secured)

The Britax B-Safe 35 Infant Car Seat comes at 3rd position in our list of best infant car seats. It understands that safety is our number one concern when buying a car seat. Of course, all car seats are safe but Britax went the extra mile to provide safety for the infants that will use their products.

The B-Safe 35 boasts a patented safe shell impact protection which is an integrated system of safety components in all Britax products. This technology consists of a steel frame for strength and a base that compresses to absorb energy during impact.

It also includes the Britax exclusive safe center latch installation that gives you the peace of mind that the seat is accurately installed all the time. This comes in five color choices black, red, Ashton, steel, and slate strie. This baby seat weighs only 10 pounds and has dimensions of 26.5×17.8×25 inches. It can handle a baby from 4-35 pounds.

4. Evenflo Nurture Infant Car Seat (For Baby Girls)

Now let’s continue with our best choice for baby girls of course aesthetics matter. If you think the previously featured car seats on the list are too dark and primarily targeted for baby boys, you will love this next infant car seat. The Evenflo nurture infant car seat is a pretty car seat that is perfect for baby girls. It is available in six colors that are relaxing and pleasing to the eyes Pink Bloom, Sabrina, Ali, Carline, Teal Confetti and Parker obviously, we cannot rely on the looks alone so do not fret this feminine seat.

When it comes to features, it comes with a stay in the car base that lets you easily whip up your baby with just one click. It also comes with an ergonomic handle that lets you handle the baby without you or her having a hard time. This has a five-point harness and three shoulder harnesses and two crotch buckle positions for better fit and longer use. It weighs 10 pounds and has dimensions of 11x18x26 inches that can carry babies from 5 to 22 pounds.

5. Chicco KeyFit 30 Infant Car Seat (Best Value)

Finally, the last but not least on our list of best infant car seats is the number one rated infant car seat in America. The Chicco KeyFit 30 infant car seat has thousands of satisfied customers all over the United States. This seat is the easiest to install with reclined sure levelling foot, ride right bubble levels to help you secure your baby and the super cinch latch. It also includes removable newborn head and body supports for infants from 4-40 pounds.

The seat is perfectly designed for traveling that can be used with all Chicco strollers and as a two-position carry handle to help you carry your baby comfortably. It weighs 17 pounds and has dimensions of 27.5x17x24 inches and it is designed for babies for 230 pounds. The Chicco KeyFit 30 infant car seat definitely wins this round in our option with thousands of satisfied customers so we are sure you will not regret buying it.


We sign off with the hope that we were able to help you decide which infant car seat is the best for you and your baby. We understand the features as well as preference matters and choosing what product to buy that is why we are dedicated to helping you make easier decisions by showing you the product while telling you the features you can expect. If you still got questions or suggestions regarding infant car seats, shoot us an email or write down in the comment section below. We would definitely like to assist you anytime. Read the guide on best radar detectors.

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