best mini portable fans

If you spend most of the time in your home office or workplace, you would probably prefer to have a mini fan on your desk instead of a general air conditioner for a cool breeze without making too much noise. It will cut your expense from a high electricity bill as well. There are many brands offering a variety of portable mini fans so finding the best mini portable fans sometimes becomes difficult. Therefore, we have prepared a list of top 10 best mini portable USB fans. Let’s have a look at the brief review of each fan so that you can choose the right mini desk fan as per your requirements.

best mini portable fans

1. OPOLAR F401 Mini USB Table Desk Fan (Best Selling)

The is the best selling portable mini fan online so if you are planning to buy a fan that you can keep on your office or study table, you can trust blindly on the Opolar fan. It is made of good quality metal so it is more durable and going to stay longer. Its 4-inch long blades and 6-inch body frame save a lot of empty place on your table. The Opolar desk fan throws cool air keeping quite. It is backed by a 3.9 Ft USB cable that is compatible with any USB supported device like a desktop computer, laptop or a power bank charger. You will get 1-year limited replacement warranty on the fan if there is any manufacturing fault in it and live support 24/7 from the manufacturer to discuss issues on the fan if there is any. Simply, it is a great device at this price point.

2. ARCTIC Breeze Mini USB Desktop Fan (Most Flexible)

The ARCTIC is a perfect state of the art desk fan that looks very simple device but offers great cool air breeze. It weighs only 0.3lb so you can carry it anywhere whether you are studying in the library, sitting in your office or traveling on the bus. This fan has the ability to run at the speed of 1700RPM so you will get the best air cooling results. And It keeps calm and quiet when busy in throwing cool breeze towards you. It has a flexible neck that can be bent in any direction as you desire. This fan supports USB connection, therefore, it can be connected easily with any device backed by a USB port. It is the cheapest one in our list of best mini portable fans so go ahead and grab the deal.

3. Portable Phone Attachable Fan (Lightest)

This is the best lightweight portable fan that can be connected to any smartphone device through its charging port whether it is an iPhone, Android phone, Tablet or even a Power bank. It comes in a pack of three units of different colors so you can select the color what you like the most. You will get three units of portable fans at a price that is still less as compared to the unit price of other competitors fans. It is made of TPE plastic and contains two soft air wings which spin with good speed so you will feel the cool breeze all around your face and body. It is a low power consumption portable fan that can run up to 5 hours continuously at full battery. Simply, it is a fun device that is worth to buy.

4. Efluky 3 Speed Mini Handheld Fan

The efluky fan comes at 4th position in our list of best mini portable fans. It comes in four different colors of black, pink, white, and blue so you can switch between the colors. It includes a powerful 2200mAh rechargeable battery so you can carry it with you during traveling in a hot season. You will get the heavy blow of cool breeze by its three-speed design technology. It is one of the few portable fan devices that can be connected with any mobile device via charging interface as well as to a computer through USB interface. This fan has a built-in blue light that you can use as a night lamp and an emergency light that can be very useful when you are camping out. The seller provides 30 days full money back guarantee and 1-year limited warranty against any manufacturing fault in the device.

5. OPOLAR Portable Desk USB Fan

This is another top quality portable fan by OPOLAR that features a powerful mini motor that can spin the fan wings up to 2000 rotations per minute (RPM) without being too much noisy. Therefore, you are going to enjoy the cool breeze silently. The fan blades come in three different colors blue, red, and white. It consists of a strong plastic stand that can fit in any flat place easily even on high speed of the fan. You can move the fan in any direction in up and down position. The whole body of fan except the blades is made of high-quality ABS plastic material that is virtually soft and flexible. So it protects the fan from breakage and prolongs the life of the fan. Once again the price does not matter when you compare it to the durability and performance of the fan. The manufacturer offers 1-year limited replacement warranty on it.

6. Cascade Oscillating Tower Table Fan

The Cascade fan is one of the powerful and sturdiest mini portable fans. It has a very sleek design and takes very little space to stand on any desk or table. It features four-speed air flows economy, low, medium and high so you can set the speed of the fan according to the situation. This fan throws cool and fresh air in all along areas staying calm and quiet. The Cascade fan also offers a timer that you can set between 1-15hours scale. You can turn on/off fan manually pressing on/off button or through a remote sitting far from the fan. The price is a bit high but we assure that you will never regret on your spendings on this product so buy it confidently.

7. Rechargeable Handheld Fan by HandFan

If you are in search of a best portable handheld fan, the HandFan is the right option for you as it weighs just 0.7lb and backed by a high-quality rechargeable 5200mAh lithium battery so you can take it anywhere without any interruption in cool air. It can run continuously up to 20 hours on battery. Don’t forget to charge the battery fully to get the best performance. The battery is detachable so you can set the fan on your office or home studying table. It can be used without a battery connecting to any USB supported device as well. You have six color options to choose from including pink, black, blue, white, power black, and power pink. The package includes a fan, charging cable, manual booklet, and a metal click. It is the perfect choice for long-term results.

8. FlyItem Bladeless USB Portable Fan (Mini Air Conditioner)

It’s a unique mini portable fan that can also be named as Mini Handheld Air Conditioner. It features a wet sponge that absorbs water in it and throws away vaporized cool air. The Flyitem contains a 400mAh rechargeable battery that can run the fan for 1-1.5 hours without any time gap. This can be connected to a laptop or desktop computer using a normal mobile charging cable.  It has two indication lights one blue and the other is red. When the battery is fully charged or the fan is in working condition, the blue bulb lights up whereas, when the battery is lower to a dead end, the red light starts blinking. You will get a USB charging cable and a hanging strip along with the fan. Currently, it is available only in pink color. It’s really a beautiful device that you can gift to your loved ones.

9. Gazeled Battery Operated Desk Fan

The Gazeled fan stands at 9th position in our list of best mini portable fans. Like other mini fans, it also has a built-in rechargeable 5200mAh battery that is more than enough to operate the fan without any interruption. It can run for about 8hours continuously when the battery is fully charged. The Gazeled fan features a preset timer for one, two and four hours so you can select the timer as per your preferences when you are going to sleep. This noise-free fan throws wind in 90 degrees so you will feel the cool breeze on every part of your body while sleeping. It truly justifies the price when you look at the product quality and performance. Moreover, the seller offers 12 months limited replacement and full money back guarantee so you can send it back anytime if you do not feel comfortable with the performance of this fan.

10. Onetwo LED Clock Mini USB Fan

The OneTwo fan being lightweight is more sturdy and powerful that only requires a USB connection to start throwing fresh wind towards you. It has easy on/off switch. Its quiet and calm motor does not disturb you at your work. It comes with a flexible gooseneck which is easy to move freely in any direction. This weighs only 0.1lb so you can take it anywhere whether you are traveling in hot season or camping out in dense forests. The OneTwo fan features a real-time LED clock that is an added advantage and increases the beauty of the fan. It is an amazing gadget at this price point. Moreover, your purchase will be protected by the seller’s 1-year money back guarantee so don’t hesitate to give it a try.


We hope that our list of the above-reviewed mini desk fans will make it quite easy for you to choose the best mini portable fans as per your requirements. So if you still have questions or concerns regarding portable fans, shoot us an email or write us down in the comment section below. We will be more than happy to help you out.

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