Best oil drain pan

An oil drain pan does not seem to be a necessary item to have but it plays a significant role when it comes to change the oil of cars and motorbikes.

If you own a vehicle, you might be looking for a product that can help to drain out the oil or lubricants of your car without having it on your body. Several manufacturers are producing these drain pans but not all are good enough in quality and durability equally.

Therefore, we aimed to introduce you to the best oil drain pans available on the market. We considered different factors such as durability, the material used, price and many others during shortlisting these pans. Let’s have a look at the brief review of each oil drain pain so that you can select the right one that meets your oil changing needs.

If your vehicle is having sparking or startup issues, you may also need to change its spark plug.

best oil drain pans

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Best Oil Drain Pans

Brand/ModelMaterialCapacity (qt)Weight (lb)Editor's RatingPrice
ATD Tools 5184Plastic180.54.8See Price
Lumax LX-1632Plastic152.54.6See Price
Lisle 17922Plastic304.24.2See Price
Hopkins 11838Plastic151.84.1See Price
Behrens Steel PanSteel323.23.7See Price

1. ATD Tools 5184 Oil Drain Pan (Best Selling)

  • Can Carry oil: 18 Quarts
  • Dimensions: 2x3x4 Inches

The ATD 5184 is one of the best selling oil drain pans. It has been crafted with premium quality plastic material that is going to stay longer to assist you in oil changing. This oil drain pan has an enormous capacity to store a larger quantity of used motor oil easily. It features hinge type handles so you can carry it anywhere without spilling the fluid. All surroundings are covered with a smooth splash lip that is very useful in preventing oil to be spilled when transporting from one place to another. What we like the most of this pan is its spout that is big enough to pour down the oil comfortably. Many customers are satisfied with the performance of this product.


  • It is very compact and sturdy product.
  • It is quite thick that can tackle bigger tasks easily.
  • It is very lightweight.
  • It is well priced when you compare it with the overall quality.


  • • It comes without a lid that could help to save the extracted oil for recycling purposes.

2. Lumax LX-1632 Waste Oil Drain Pan (Buyer’s Choice)

  • Can Carry oil: 15 Quarts
  • Dimensions: 19x16x5 Inches

If you are looking for an oil drain pan that can serve you for both draining out the used oil and to store it for recycling, the Lumax 1632 is the perfect choice for you. It features a bottled design and has a filter/gating that prevents filters and plugs to fall into the drain pan during the oil changing process. As it has a big hole at the top so it is easy to pour the oil into the recycling container directly without the fear of spilling. Moreover, its cap comes with a rubber seal so the chances of leakage diminish. In case, when you are laying under the car to extract the waste oil and once the pan becomes full of oil, you can pull it out quickly with the help of its wheels which is a fantastic advantage to it.


  • Easily catchable so it can be carried anywhere comfortably.
  • Removes the headache of over and over clean up of drain pan after use.
  • Ideal for quick DIY oil changing.


  • The cap may loose upon super tighten.

3. Lisle 17922 Oil Drain Pan (Best Value for Money)

  • Can Carry oil: 30 Quarts
  • Dimensions: 33x22x8 Inches

The Lisle 17922 comes at number 3rd position in our list of best oil drain pans. It is made of a high-quality hard plastic material that is more durable than an ordinary drain pan of its kind. This can be used for both waste oil draining and washing of rusted parts as it has a built-in attached tray where you can put small parts for cleaning purposes. The pouring of oil into large waste oil containers is easy with this drain tub but it is not as useful with recycling oil containers having a narrow head. If most of the times you maintain vehicle yourself, the Lisle drain pan is highly recommended because it is the best option whether you are going to change diesel engine oil, coolant water that (quickly spreads everywhere), hydraulic oil from the hydraulic pump or anything similar.


  • It is big enough to handle any relevant task.
  • It is quite a simple but compact product.
  • Best for both domestic and commercial use.


  • The only concern about this oil drain pan is its tiny spout that may become the cause of spilling while pouring out oil into used oil container.
  • It comes with lid.

4. Hopkins 11838 FloTool Oil Drain Can (Best Budget)

  • Can Carry oil: 15 Quarts
  • Dimensions: 18x24x6.7 Inches

The Hopkins 11838 drain pan looks simple but a handy tool. The best thing about this oil drain bottle is its drainage system that has a 2-inch long spout same like a water tap. So from extracting the waste engine oil to transferring it to the recycling oil drum, it makes the whole process pretty simple and straightforward. When the oil draining process completes, just clean the oil pan and you can use it for new engine oil refilling purposes as well. In case while refilling the oil, if there is any residual, you can pour it back into the oil bottle very easily for the next use. Its built-in handle offers a tight grip to the hands to carry it from one place to another without spilling a single drop of used oil. It is probably the cheapest oil drain pan available on the market.


  • Acts as a storage container for oil recycling.
  • Ideal for domestic use.
  • It is well priced.


  • The drain hole is a bit smaller that may become the cause of overflow.

5. Behrens Steel Oil Drain Pan

  • Can Carry oil: 32 Quarts
  • Dimensions: 18.8×18.8×7.5 Inches

The last but not least is the Behrens pan in our list of best oil drain pans. It has an enormous capacity to fulfill almost all kind of vehicle’s oil change requirements. It is made of galvanized steel so there are no chances of rust and corrosion effects.

The top of Behrens oil pan is partially covered with a steel lid that has a hole on it so to pour down the used oil into recycling oil drum, slightly tilt its front side (where the hole is located) towards recycling container for smooth transferring of waste oil.

It is difficult to carry this pan as it has a tiny handle that does not allow to catch the pan in an order when it is full of oil. Overall, this is an average quality product regarding usability.


  • Probably the most compact and durable on our list regarding the quality of material used in the manufacturing of this oil drain pan.
  • Built for multipurpose use.


  • Carrying and pouring of oil is not as easy as they claim.
  • A bit heavier but that’s not a big deal.
  • Expensive.

What to Consider when Buying Oil Drain Pans

There are a few things that you should keep in mind when you are going to purchase an oil drain pan for your vehicles. Let’s get to know those factors;

Spout – A spout functions similar that a water tap does. It plays a very vital role in the pouring of used oil to a recycling oil container. So make sure that a drain oil pan has a nice and long spout for smooth oil transferring.

Dip Diameter – As big as the diameter an oil drain pan has, the ratio of overflow and spilling of fluid decreases. So buy a drain fluid pan that is enough deep to tackle simple to hardest tasks.

Easy to Carry – A drain pan with handles is more preferable as it is easily catchable. Therefore, you can carry the oil drain can from the place of your vehicle to recycling oil container efficiently without spilling a single drop of oil.

Capacity – The capacity also matters when you have different models of cars in your garage. As all vehicles have different size of oil tanks according to their models so you are recommended to opt for an oil drain pan that can deal with a larger amount of oil.

If you need some tips regarding DIY oil changing, here is a detailed guide on how to change the oil of your car comfortably.


There you have our 5 best oil drain pans which will help you to drain out the waste oil of your vehicle with ease and maximum comfort. We hope it helped you make your buying decision easier.

We understand the features as well as preference matters and choosing what product to buy that is why we are dedicated to helping you make easier decisions by showing you the product while telling you the features you can expect.

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