Massage Chair Black Friday
Are you looking for a Massage chair to relief your body from stress when you come back home after all day long job? Well, you are at the right place at the right time as we have listed down some of the market’s best Massage chairs. The Black Friday deals are also live on these Massage recliners so go ahead and take the advantage of the deal before it expires. Worth to check out the deals on Foot Massagers.

Massage Chair Black Friday Deals

Following are our top 5 best Massage chairs black Friday deals of 2019.

1. Inada Sogno Dreamwave Massage Chair Black Friday Deals 2019

 Inada Sogno Dreamwave Massage Chair

On top of the list is the Inada DreamWave Massage Chair black Friday deal. The Inada brand started in the mid-1960’s and has come a long way since their humble beginnings. At the heart of their fleet of chairs is the DreamWave Massage Chair. With numerous features and groundbreaking innovations to ease and relax all the tensions of the world away the DreamWave Massage Chair really is, “The Rolls Royce of Massage Chairs.” This Inada DreamWave review hopes to enlighten you on the features of the Dream Wave and give you some pros and cons, as well.


Adjustable Body Length

Trying to relax in a chair that is too small or too large just does not make for an optimal comfort situation; does it? That is why Inada offers an adjustable feature from 5 feet all the way up to 6.5 feet.

Shiatsu Point Locator

No two people’s bodies are alike so, it does not make sense for two people to receive the exact same Massage. The massage chair uses inferred technology to scan a person’s body for areas referred to as, “Shiatsu Points.” The chair then targets these points during the Massage to give you a unique Massage just like a human would.

Neck and Shoulder Massage

Your neck and shoulders are massaged through pads that lift your head ever so gently while applying pressure where need be. The same type of technology then rubs and applies pressure to the tops of your shoulders and the back of the shoulders are rubbed through air cells.


In the slots for your arms are air cells used to apply pressure to the pressure points in your arms and the nerve endings in your fingertips.

Choose You Own Massage

This massage chair feature 8 different preprogrammed settings (Youth, Full Body, Full Body Air, Quick, Stretch, and Morning.) But, one of those settings may just not be what you need on a certain day. So you can actually choose an area of the body for the massage chair to focus on.

Relaxing Music

To top it off you can head off to dreamland by plugging in your favorite music playing device


We had to really find something think to try and find something wrong with the Dreamwave but; that is not the case when trying to find something good to say about it.

  • You get the exact message you want with over 1000 different massage combinations.
  • Great for children using the youth setting.
  • Unbelievable quality and award-winning design.
  • Heating features
  • Worth every penny.
  •  3 Year Warranty


It is very hard to find something wrong with this chair. As with everything though, there are features that people are not going to like.

  • Size- The chair is very big and not easy to move. It is not going to be for someone who has and a lot of room and is not looking to move the chair very often.



2. Shiatsu Electric Massage Chair with Recliner Black Friday Deals 2019

Shiatsu Electric Massage Chair with Recliner

The Shiatsu Electric Full-Body Massage Chair black Friday deal comes at the second position on our list of best Massage chairs black Friday deals. It is one of the best massage chairs on the market because it is jam-packed with high-quality tools and accessories that make the best out of any massage experience. It is equipped with power rollers which will relax the stress in your muscles while also eliminating fatigue and giving your body and mind the boost that it needs. It also has percussion and compression which helps to improve your flexibility, posture, and mobility of your legs. It also comes with a flapping and tapping chop action that prevents ache and soreness and eases sore muscles.

You can easily install this massage chair yourself with the installation video that is included in the purchase. The manufacturer even provides customers with a one-year limited warranty which gives you added peace of mind. It comes in three different colors and can be purchased for either $799 or $899 depending on the color. This massage chair has a little bit of everything and is perfect for people who are recovering from injuries.



3. Comfort Products Deluxe Leisure Recliner Chair Black Friday Deals 2019

Relaxzen Deluxe Leisure Recliner Chair with 8-Motor Massage

At the third spot on our list, we have Comfort Products Deluxe Leisure Recliner Chair black Friday Deal. This massage chair is made from comfortable suede upholstery and is very lightweight compared to other massage recliners only weighing around 59 pounds making it easier to transport and move around your home. This chair features 8 vibrating motors, heated lumbar areas, and 9 different programmable settings to help put you in a relaxed state.

The Deluxe Leisure Recliner comes with a swivel base allowing for 360-degree turning making it so you can see your surroundings and never leave your chair. It also features an ottoman allowing the chair to recline further. This chair has the ability to support around 300 pounds of weight, so it can be used for just about anyone.

This is the chair for those on a tighter budget and still looking for a good quality product. You can typically purchase this chair for around $200 and it is a wise investment for anyone who wants a massage chair that is affordable and easy to move around their home.



4. Human Touch HT-7450 Massage Chair Black Friday Deals 2019

Looking for a chair with all of the best massage chair features but not the high price. Well, look no further. The award-winning Human Touch HT-745 is a massage industry favorite. Read through this review as we outline the features, specifications, pros, and cons of this chair.


Zero Gravity Design

The name of this massage chair is Human Touch, right? Nothing gets down to a more realistic feeling than a zero gravity position. Reclining the seat to a zero gravity position so that your knees lie above the heart, allows for the relaxing and decompressing your spinal cord. This neutral posture helps increase the flow of blood within your body and enhances your comfort. Thus, enabling you to enjoy a more invigorating and effective Massage from the comfort of your home or office.

Dual Lumbar Back Heat

It comes with two heat lumbar modules that help to warm your lower back muscles; reducing any pain or tightness in these regions.

Foot and calf massager

This feature enables the device to massage your calves beginning upwards, rolling in a wave-like a manner making the blood moving away from your feet and relieving your pain.

 6 Pre-Set Massage Programs

Having different massage settings to choose from keeps your muscles always expecting something different and helps you with different areas you may need to be massaged.

  • Full body massage
  • Therapy for legs
  • A program that concentrates on the hips and feet
  • Stretch
  • Neck and shoulder relief massage
  • Sports back therapy

Massage comfort control

The device comes with a massage control comfort that allows customizing the intensity of your Massages during the session with ease.

True zero armrest

The armrest of the seat glides to the back when reclining the chair thereby ensuring that you do not experience any form of stress on your neck, back or shoulders when reclining.


  •  The width of the seat is 20.75 “while the distance to the wall is 25.”
  • It has the ability to recline through an angle of 115-160 degrees.
  • The seat’s massage ranges from 24” for the height to the width controls.
  • The gadget shuts off automatically after 15 minutes when not in use.
  • Massage techniques applied include rolling, percussion, seat, Kneading + percussion, compression and heat.
  • The Espresso finish of the chair makes it aesthetically appealing.


  •  Offers you with ultimate comfort while at the same time relieving your stress and pain.
  • Aesthetically appealing, thanks to the espresso finish.
  • Easy to adjust to suit your Massage needs.
  • The chair comes with a five-year warranty, three-year warranty for the parts and a one-year warranty for any mechanical problem.
  • The leather materials make the seat durable.
  • Highly versatile because you can apply a wide range of massage techniques to achieve your fitness goals.


  • The seat seems to focus more on people who need lower back massage than any other part of the body. •
  • The 24 “length of the chair makes it good for 5’8’’ individuals and shorter.

So go ahead and don’t be late to take the advantage of Human Touch HT-7450 Massage Chair black Friday deal.



5. Full Body EC-69 Shiatsu Massage Chair Black Friday Deals 2019

At 5th spot, we have the Full Body Shiatsu Massage Chair Recliner Bed EC-69 black Friday deal. It is a great combination chair in our opinion. What we mean by that is it has many of the features of the heavy duty recliners while still maintaining a very reasonable cost to the consumer. The EC-69 features massage settings such as kneading, rolling, percussion and compression and tapping motions. Another popular feature is the 155-degree recline allowing the chair to live up to its name ‘Recliner Bed.’

The EC-69 is much easier to move around than its heavier recliner cousin’s weight in around 200 pounds and costing in the area of $600.00. This massage chair would be best for those people looking for a little heavier duty massage chair, however, are still not wanting to shovel out the thousands of dollars required for a chair such as the Inada Sogno Dreamwave Massage Chair.

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