Without the use of spark plugs, our vehicles will not start. Spark plugs play a major role in the performance of our cars so maintaining them is important but how do we know if our spark plugs need to be replaced? Experts say that spark plugs usually need to be replaced around 50,000 kilometers or 30,000 miles. If you are searching online for the best spark plug and have not found yet the right model that helps to improve your car’s ignition, we may help in this regard as we have compiled a list of top 5 best spark plugs for cars available on the market today. These products will come in handy when it is time to replace your vehicle’s spark plugs. Don’t forget to check out the best radar detectors which could save you hundreds of bucks you are charged every year in traffic tickets.

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Best Spark Plugs for Cars in USA, UK and Canada 2019

1. NGK 7090 G-Power Spark Plug (Best Selling)

The NGK 7090 G power spark plugs is a premium product that is known for its excellent performance which greatly improves fuel efficiency at an economical cost. The 0.6-millimeter platinum tip of the spark plug offers quicker starts, consistent and stable ignition power, lesser voltage requirements and antifouling capabilities.

It ensures high durability and reduces gas emission effects. The trapezoid shaped platinum alloy ground and center electrode gives greater flame reproduction and guarantees an accurate gap on the lifespan of the spark plug and the copper core eliminates extreme heat.

This top-notch product has a trivalent metal plating with superior anti-seizing and anti-corrosion properties. The triple gasket seal prevents potential combustion gas leakage giving your vehicles solid protection to eliminate the issue of flashover which happens during the fouling of corrugated ribs on the silicate ceramic insulator special configurations are used during the manufacturing process.

They also significantly improve the throttle response compared to conventional spark plugs. This product delivers optimum acceleration performance at a very competitive price. It is compatible with all-terrain vehicles, street touring motorcycles, off-road motorcycles, scooters, sports motorbikes, Marine personal craft, and snowmobiles. it comes with a 60-day warranty from NGK against manufacturer’s flaws or defects from the date of purchase.

2. Honda NGK BPR5ES Spark Plug (Best Value)

The Genuine Honda OEM is the superior quality spark plug designed for Honda engines the product that is constructed to last is what Honda products are well known for. This device will help maximize the use of your power equipment. It is also trusted to combat fuel related running issues what is best with this product is that is perfectly fit for lawn mowers, lawn tractors, generators, and other garden equipment. This product helps the engine to start faster and to run more smoothly. It is also useful when starting the engine in cold weather.

If you want a better engine performance and the perfect ignition but do not want to hurt your pocketbook, this is the ideal OEM spark plug for you. The trivalent metal plating of these spark plugs provides superior anti-corrosion and anti-seizing properties while the corrugated ribs prevent flash and its pure alumina silicate ceramic insulator provides superior strength and better heat transfer. To sum up, about the genuine Honda OEM spark plug the perfect sparkplug replacement that will go the distance for you.

3. NGK 6418 Iridium IX Spark Plug (Buyer’s Choice)

At number 3rd, we have NGK Iridium IX in our list of best spark plugs. The package order comes in 8 pieces and comes with a metal washer and just like typical spark plugs, they all come in pre-gaps. The NGK IX plugs were designed specifically for the performance enthusiast. Its fine wire center electrode ensures high durability and a consistently stable spark while the iridium alloy has an extremely high melting point perfect for today’s high-tech, high-performance engines. The trivalent metal plating of these plugs provides superior anti-corrosion and anti-seizing properties while the corrugated ribs prevent flashover.

The ceramic insulator is made of pure alumina silicate which provides superior strength and better heat transfer in cases of misfires. This spark plug is the solution to your problem you will notice the improvement in idle and it regains lost power as well definitely sturdy and durable. You can never go wrong with this one as it is resistant to even the hottest spark. Most of those who have tried it highly recommended to streetcars and trucks and they say you will experience smoother run with this.

4. Champion RJ19LM Engine Replacement Spark Plug (Best Budget)

This model of Champion spark plug weighs 1.6 ounces and has a dimension of 6.5×1.2×3.8 inches plus it is made in the USA. The champion small engine smart plug with a copper cored electrode provides increased conductivity and heat control for superior overall wear. This is compatible with passenger cars, power sports, lawn and garden, snow and marine applications.

It has a focused spark for maximum power and resists fouling an exclusive heat-active alloy maintain stable operating temperature under all load conditions. You can expect a fast throttle response with this spark plug. The RJ19LM spark plug is very affordable, long lasting and most importantly dependable, proven performance, the reliable and wonderful product you can absolutely trust.

5. ACDelco 41-993 Iridium Spark Plug

Last but not least on the list is the ACDelco professional Iridium spark plug. The latest spark plug technology is said to be more efficient compared to conventional and platinum plugs. The Iridium component of this product guarantees excellent durability among metals. This metal provides smoother performance and better engine idle stability. It allows more efficient and smaller electrode design which greatly quickens motor acceleration and improves cold starts.

The fine wire electrode burns away carbon deposits it is that accumulate on the tip of the spark plug and improves fuel ignition. Another outstanding feature of this spark plug is the single suppressor seal which blocks the impact of radio frequencies that can affect the electronic components of your vehicle. The suppressor seal meter seals the product against combustion leakage and lengthens its lifespan.

Most vehicles use original parts from General Motors. This high-grade vehicle part is an excellent replacement for the original component of your vehicle backed up with the company’s century-old experience and reputation and making quality innovative and efficient products. There is no question of its amazing performance.

The manufacturer ensures that this professional spare part meets the expectations of users in terms of functionality, form, and value. It is priced reasonably while offering a long-lasting life keep your car, truck, scooter or motorcycle on a superior condition with this spark plug preventing hassles while on the road. It is preferred by users who need enhanced vehicle performance.


There you have it five best spark plugs on the market today whether your car needs replacement now or later, it is best to have this spark plugs ready. We surely hope it helped you make your buying decision easier. We understand the features as well as preference matters and choosing what product to buy that is why we are dedicated to helping you make easier decisions by showing you the product while telling you the features you can expect. If you still have any questions or suggestions regarding the above reviewed best spark plugs, shoot us an email or write down in the comment section below. We would definitely like to assist you anytime.

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