Crock-Pot SCCPVI600-S Countdown Slow Cooker
The Crock-Pot 6-Quart Countdown Slow Cooker with Stovetop-Safe Cooking Pot, Stainless Steel, SCCPVI600-S is a two step slow cooker that ensures you get your roasts browned to your choice thereby locking in flavors before you start your slow cooking. It comes with a crock pot that can be used on top of stove to brown meat or sear and then transferred to the heating base for slow cooking. So even if it just to sauté onions and peppers that you want to achieve before slow cooking, this slow cooker is safe enough to be used on stoves. This countdown slow cooker comes with a double duty removable cooking pot that is stove friendly without affecting its performance when used on its original heating base.

Slow Cooker with Safe Cooking Pot




This slow cooker eliminates the need to use separate pots in achieving the two step process involved in slow cooking. With it you do not have to worry about messing up different pots to brown or sear or sauté your food.

It comes with a large control panel and big digital screen for function display. It is an oval shaped countdown slow cooker that accommodated large chunk of meat or roast.

This slow cooker also comes with an integrated side handle that makes it easy to lift or lower the pot in and out of its cooking base to anywhere else. This two step cooker comes with a glass lid gasket which traps in heat and moisture for maximum retaining of flavour; this feature makes it possible to have a glance at the cooking food without needing to lift the cover.

It comes with a digital control and countdown timer that begins counting down the minute in one minute increments. The increment option is from 30 minutes to maximum of 20 hours.

It has three basic cooking settings of high, low and keep warm modes. There is an indicator light for the three basic cooking setting (high, low and keep warm) on the pot.

Pressing the Select button allows you to choose the temperature you want the meal to cook. The crock-pot 6-quart countdown slow cooker with stovetop-safe cooking pot, stainless steel, SCCPVI600-S automatically switches to the keep warm mode once the programmed cooking time has elapsed.

The slow cooker can meet the needs of parents on singles who want to have their meal cooking while they are out of the house or at work. This slow cooker cooks meals slowly and evenly assuring you of an evenly cooked meal with lots of flavours. From savory stews to barbecued pulled pork to chicken cacciatore to pre-seared pot roast to sausage and meatballs to beef bourguignon to mention a few, according to the manufacturer, this two step slow cooker is equal to the challenge.


This slow cooker comes in an attractive brushed stainless steel exterior that matches other kitchen utensils in the kitchen. Has a lift up plastic handle on top of the glass lid cover. Has two handles on the body of the cooking base while the cooking pot has handles for easy lifting and lowering. The large control panel houses three major cooking settings: low, high and keep warm with light indicators to show which cooking mode is on. You also have on the control panel the up and down timer setting buttons, the select button and the off button.

  • A Duroceramic non-stick coating that is scratch resistant for easy cooking and washing
  • 6-quart capacity that can cook for 7 or more persons or six pound roast
  • Has a digital timer that counts down cooking time
  • Switches to keep warm mode automatically when done with actual cooking
  • Cooking time ranges from 30 minutes to 20 hours
  • Comes with a removable stoneware pot that can be transferred to a stovetop for browning, searing and sautéing
  • Has a brushed stainless steel finish
  • Dimension is 2″ W x 9.9″ L x 15.2″ H inches by 10 pounds
  • Shipping weight is 9 pounds



  • Comes with PTFE and PFOA-free certification for that peace of mind for health conscious persons
  • With its Duroceramic coating, foods are prevented from sticking to the pot and removes that extra stress of soaking or scrubbing hard when cleaning
  • The removable cooking pot can be used as a serving dish
  • The 6-quart oval shape allows for big roasts of six pounds or full chicken
  • Comes with some recipes and instruction manual to get you started quickly
  • The cooking pot is light weighted
  • Gives you versatility of using one pot to achieve browning, sautéing, searing and slow cooking
  • Keep warm mode can handle recipes that calls for slow simmering like beef short ribs 


  • Although the removable cooking pot is dishwasher friendly, the dishwasher, however, can scratch the ceramic coating with its abrasive wash making it a must to wash with hands to avoid dents


Customer ratings:

A few customers said it to be extremely hot even on low or keep warm settings. The coating on the aluminium cooking pot is said to come off after few uses. Around 2/3’s of customers gave it a 5-star rating, with less than 10% giving it a 1-star rating.


Even with all the complaints about the crock-pot 6-quart countdown slow cooker with stovetop-safe cooking pot, stainless steel, SCCPVI600-S, its two step cooking options that it offers makes it a competitive product. If you don’t mind the complaints made about it, then you can afford yourself this versatile slow cooker at a moderate price.


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