Crock-Pot SCV400B
Don’t be deceived by the simple look the Crock-Pot SCV400B 4-Quart Oval Manual Slow Cooker comes in. This slow cooker can give you a run for your money and is one I used for many years.

It has three setting of low, high and warm modes. At a very reasonable price, this slow cooker can cook a perfect meal for four or more persons. It comes with a stainless base, a glass lid gasket, a handle for lifting the lid and two side handles for carrying the pot.

It comes in three beautiful designs: black and white heart and flower dotted pattern, plain black and red colors.

Manual Slow Cooker




When you have your hands full with busy schedule for the day, this life saving 4-quart manual slow cooker helps you cook your meals while you are away.

You can be sure of a well cooked meal when you are back. It provides a healthier option or way of making your meals without needing to add too much oil or meat fat for your cooking. The slow cooker can be set on high when you are around to monitor the progress of the cooking.

If you are to cook overnight or cook your meal while you are at work then you will make use of the low cooking mode. The warm setting keeps your meal at an ideal serving temperature ready to eat.

It is truly versatile and you don’t have to lose the flavors of the meal in trying to cut off fat, oil and reduce calories because the crock-pot SCV400B 4-quart oval manual slow cooker locks in every bit of the flavor of all meals cooked in it.

The Crock-Pot SCV400B turns meal times into family times and affords a family the opportunity of eating homemade meal as against going out for dinner and paying exorbitant prices because of little or time to make dinner. With the high setting, you can be sure to get a snack, appetizer, a dip or a hot meal in a short time. The low is when you want to cook overnight or while you are out of the house. The warm setting mode comes in handy when you are inviting a few friends over and you do not want the meal to get cold.

This simple looking Crock-Pot 4-quart Slow Cooker is easy to clean. It comes with removable oval stoneware that slides right out of the base that makes it easy for you to transfer it to the dining table or to simply store away in the refrigerator.

What more can one expect with its stoneware and glass lid that are dishwasher friendly. This takes away the hassle of having to deal with cleaning it up yourself after cooking when your dishwasher can handle the task. This Crock-Pot Slow Cooker is stylish and has a modern finish, perfect for your modern day kitchen.

The crock-pot 4-quart slow cooker has gained a good reputation among chefs, professional, housewives and amateur cooks as well. Like many other slow cookers, it creates a unique taste to meals that lingers on the tongue because of its constant heating temperature that ensures that all food ingredients cook gradually while retaining moisture.

Whether it is set on in high, low or warm settings, you can be sure to get a good result when you are making stews, sauces, chillies and many more. The glass lid gasket makes it easy to see how the food is cooking without having to lift the lid cover. The interior or the cooking pot is ceramic.


Crock Pot SCV400B 4-Quart Oval Manual Slow Cooker is a very simple and yet stylish slow cooker. The glass lid makes it easy to see your meal in its cooking state and progress.

The oval shape in which it comes in allows food ingredients to fit in well. It gives you the option to choose from any of its three beautiful colors of black and white heart and flower dotted pattern, plain black and red colors.

Whichever color your choose, you will receive a sleek and smooth (except for the white heart and flower dotted pattern) exterior that is pleasing. It includes two plastic handles by the side of the cooking pot and one on top of the glass lid for lifting the cover.


  • 4-quart slow cooker that can cook for four or more persons
  • Comes with High, Low and Warm settings mode and then an Off button
  • Has a removable oval stoneware
  • Can cook a four pound roast or a 3.5-4 four pound whole chicken
  • Measures 12 by 9 by 12 inches approximately
  • Shipping weight is 9 pounds
  • Comes with a small instruction manual that includes some recipes.


  • Has rinse clean stick-resistant coating for easy manual cleanup
  • Has a see through glass lid
  • Parts of the slow cooker comes with one year warranty
  • Sells at a competitive lower price
  • Offers flexible cooking settings with its high, low and warm settings
  • Is microwave safe



  • Cannot be carried about without fear of spilling meals because of the absence of a clip on lid handle.


Customer ratings:

Crock-Pot SCV400B 4-Quart Oval Manual Slow Cooker received good ratings and reviews on all the websites it was sold on. Overall about 65% gave it a five star and said they were satisfied with the slow cooker that comes at a reasonable low price when compared with the options it offers. 


The Crock-pot SCV400B 4-quart oval manual slow cooker is a generally slow cooker that will meet many of the requirements that a slow cooker should have. It may be lacking in light indicator, an alarm, or a clip-on lid, it however, provides a delicious meal at the end of the day.


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