Dolphin Nautilus CC Plus Cleaner

This Dolphin Nautilus CC Plus pool cleaner review will be looking at one of the most popular and well-respected pool cleaning machines on the market. The Nautilus CC Plus is a robotic pool cleaner that is capable of cleaning an average size pool in roughly two hours.

It has a Clever Clean system that maps out the geography of your pool to create an optimal path. Once it has chosen its route, the device will start cleaning all surfaces of your pool. Thanks to the sensors, the device is even capable of avoiding obstacles in the bottom of your pool. Without further ado, let’s get stuck in.


  • Product: Nautilus CC Plus
  • Weight: 20 lbs
  • Dimensions: 16.5 x 10 x 16 in
  • Pool Size: Up to 50 ft
  • Voltage: 120v
  • Warranty: 2 years
Dolphin Nautilus CC Plus robotic pool cleaner


  • Advanced filtration system
  • Silent operation
  • Anti-tangle 60-foot cable
  • Filters are easy to remove, clean and replace
  • Replacements are easily available


  • Struggles with extra-large leaves
  • Caddy needs to be bought separate (if you want it)

Dolphin Nautilus CC Plus Features

No set-up – The Nautilus CC Plus cleans the pool on its own, but it also comes ready out of the box. Simply plug the device in, carry it the pool, turn it on, and then place it into the water.

Build – The Dolphin Nautilus CC Plus weighs around 20 lbs, which is slightly less than the competition. It will be even to move in the water too; all thanks to the styrofoam buoy inside the unit. The device has a large handle on top that increases portability in and out of the pool.

Climbing rings – Unlike other pool cleaners that have wheels, the device uses “climbing rings” to clean vertically up the side of the walls. In fact, it can climb right up to the water’s edge, where it will use its textured brushes to scrub off dirt and debris.

Clever Clean – Like all good robotic pool cleaners, the Dolphin Nautilus CC Plus has a Clever Clean scanning system. This system uses sensors to scan your pool and map the best route to take. With this feature, the device the can clean your pool in around 2 hours. The sensors can even sense objects in your pool and avoid them.

Energy-saving – The Nautilus has a feature called the “Multi-Function Power Supply”, which allows the unit to operate without using a lot of energy. The device also turns itself off when it has completed its job.

Water evacuation – The device will evacuate water before you remove it from the pool. This makes the device much easier for you to pull it out of the pool.

Dual-layered filtration – Most pool cleaners have a single filtration round that sits in the center on the device. The Dolphin Nautilus CC Plus has dual-layered filtration, which separates small and large debris into two separate layers. This feature enhances the cleaner performance even further.

60ft tangle-free cord – With a 60ft power cord, you’ll have no problems if you have a large swimming pool. As well as long, the cord has a swivel feature that prevents tangling.

Uses Easy-Fix modular technology – Although you may not need it, this feature will be a lifesaver if you do. It means replacement parts are standardized and easy to purchase separately.  

Final Verdict

We hope this Maytronics Dolphin Nautilus CC Plus review was helpful in you deciding if the device is the correct pool cleaner for you. As you have read, it is high-quality device with a range of helpful features.

We love that the pool cleaner requires no effort from the owner, apart from dropping it into the water! From there, the device will scan your pool and start cleaning. By mapping its own course, the device ensures it covers every inch of the pool.

We also like how easy the Dolphin Nautilus CC Plus is to clean. All you have to do is open the top load cartridge to remove and clean the filters. The only slight issue is that the device can’t cope with extra-large leaves, but this isn’t much of a surprise.


What size pool can it clean?

The Dolphin Nautilus CC Plus is built for cleaning inground pools up to 50 feet in length. It also does not matter what shape pool you have, as the device scans the shape of your pool before getting to work.

What is the voltage?

The power supply has a voltage of 120V, which means it should be plugged into a household 120V outlet.

Is the power supply waterproof?

The power supply is not waterproof. As such keep it well-away from the pool to prevent any problems.

What pool surfaces can it clean?

Fiberglass and vinyl pool surfaces are no problem for the Nautilus CC Plus.

Does it come with a caddy?

No, the device does not come with a caddy. However, this is not a necessary piece of equipment, although it can be bought separately if you wish.

Can I use it for above ground swimming pools?

The Dolphin Nautilus CC Plus is designed for inground pools only. Click here for our best above ground cleaners.


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