Essential Lawn Care Tools

You can hire someone to take care of your yard if you think you can’t give proper time and care for the maintenance of your lawn but if you wish to get it done yourself, you will be pleased to know that most of the basic lawn care tools are easy to use. For taking care of your lawn, there are some essential tools that one should have. Having these tools not only enables you to maintain lawn properly but it would also improvise overall look and appearance of your home. When you can attain the pleasure of taking care of yard by yourself, why not do it?

Essential Lawn Care Tools

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10 Essential Lawn Care Tools

If you have a proper supply of the right kind of tools for your lawn care, this task would become even easier and enjoyable for all lawn owners. All these tools aid you in growing and maintaining a beautiful yard.

1. Lawn Mower:

Lawn mowers are one of the most essential tools for lawns with the growth of grass. Without using a lawn mower, you will find maintenance of lawn really difficult. For ease of users and flexibility of use, there are a wide range of lawn mowers available in the market today that are being offered by various brands. So, one is to choose one of the best lawn mowers that fit their requirements and budget in the best possible manner. You can get everything ranging from cheap push models to some of the best but expensive riding lawn mowers. Lawnmowers actually cut grass blades that are long and this practice prevents your lawn from unwanted weeds. Some of the most common types of lawn mowers are:

  • Push reel lawn mower
  • Electric lawn mowers.
  • Zero-Turn lawn mowers.
  • Riding lawn mowers.
  • Robotic lawn mowers and many others.

2. Garden Hose:

Watering is an important aspect when you are considering lawn care and for that purpose, a garden hose is a must to have tool for all gardeners. You can water grass and plants in your garden. Even if your climate is such that you get good rainfall in summer and fall, you still need to give supplemental water during summer seasons. A garden hose serves that purpose well.

3. Spade or Shovel:

A shovel is an essential tool for digging holes for planting trees and shrubs. It is also needed to mulch, move land and for smoothing out new lawn spaces. A spade serves the purpose of digging out stumps, dead plants and boulders even better than a shovel.

4. Pruners:

These are tools that are needed in order to keep trees and bushes well-trimmed. You can find both gas powered as well as electric trimmers and you will find them ideal for trimming hedges and bushes. Some hand-held pruners can do the job well when you have to deal with only a few plants, roses, and small buses. Trees can be trimmed with the use of pole trimmers.

5. Wheelbarrow:

Used along with a shovel, wheelbarrow helps in the movement of debris to a pile and it enables you to spread landscape gravel. You can also transport tools and plants from one area to another with the help of a wheelbarrow.

6. Edge Trimmer:

You need to take care of edges of the lawn too and for that purpose, a trimmer is the most suitable tool whether petrol powered or electric powered. You can also make use of edging shears that are specially designed for carrying out this job. For smaller lawns, you can even use normal shears but for a huge size yard, normal shears would make the job really tough for gardeners. Gardeners can also opt for an edging iron for making lawn edges neat and clean.

7. Rake:

Different types of rake are available and you need to get one that is best suitable for the job of scarifying your specific lawn. Rake is also suitable for cleaning up of leaves and other dirt and debris from your yard. If you want to get the job of scarifying the lawn really quick, you should check for an electric rake which would get the job done in no time as compared to conventional rakes. Electric one works well with clearing up of small leaves. Many of the specialized lawn mowers can also be converted into scarifier with certain special attachments used. If you don’t want to buy another tool, this would be a good choice for you.

8. Garden Fork:

As a gardener, you need to aerate soil that lies under your lawn. Garden fork is a good option for getting air through the soil as you just need to dig the lawn at around 1 foot in order to open it up and for improvement of drainage. You can also get a hollow tine fork. This one is also similar to a normal fork but it has some hollow spikes so every time you dig, you will remove small cores of soil. This fork type is most suitable for lawns with complicated soil composition.

9. Hose Reel and Sprinkler:

A hose reel and sprinkler is important for watering additionally during dry weather conditions. You can find a varied range of sprinklers however you don’t need to spend a lot on complicated ones. Simple and cheap sprinklers have proved to be the best ones for the gardening job.

10. Electric Blower or Vacuum:

Vacuum or electric blowers are used to pile up all the scattered leaves around your lawn at one place so it becomes easier for you to clear up all those leaves. This tool may be suitable only if you have a large size lawn but in case of a small or medium lawn, you can do well with a rake.


For a lawn to be well-kept and in order to offer you convenience with the maintenance of lawn, these top essential lawn tools are the right tools for your job. You can enjoy spending time taking care of the lawn and it becomes really easy to improve the condition of your lawn. Handheld, cordless and electric powered equipment are suitable for average size lawns but for larger yards, you may need gas powered tools. Get right tools that you would need as a gardener and you will be able to enjoy growing a lush green lawn with ease.

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