Hamilton Beach 33182A slow cooker
Hamilton Beach 33182A slow cooker from Hamilton Beach that is perfect for cooking for large families or for hosting a small party. It handles 8 quarts, comes with mess free lid rest,and full grip handle for the best cooking experience along with ease of washing in the dishwasher.

We all want a life that is made easier by the day. We also want to eliminate anything that can pose as stress in our lives. We want to live life to the fullest without being constrained to doing the same thing all our lives. This is why we have a natural need for anything that can give us some more time to enjoy life with those that matters to us. It is in the interest of this that we introduce to you Hamilton Beach 33182A slow cooker that is next to none in its world.




Hamilton Beach 33182A 8-Quart Slow Cooker

There is so much this slow cooker offers that cannot be gotten with any other slow cooker. Gone are the days when you have to rush home to meet up with time to prepare dinner. No, you don’t have to anymore. With this slow cooker from Hamilton, making dinner is as simple as putting your meat or roast in the cooker, tossing in the ingredients for it and turning on the knob to low or high setting depending on how you want to cook it and you are off to work.

This Hamilton Beach 33182A slow cooker comes with options for cooking on high, low or keep warm settings. If it is a meal that’s going to take a longer time to cook, you can set it on low cooking and go about your normal daily chores. If perhaps you are at home and need to make a quick vegetable sauce, then the high cooking option comes into play.

One lovely thing about this slow cooker is that it is 8-quart capacity meaning you can comfortably cook for a large family of 9 or more. It can easily take in an large chicken or 6 pound or larger roast. What more can you ask for? That means friends and family can be hosted to a dinner with this massive slow cooker.



  • Keep warm, low and high settings
  • Glass lid with mess free lid rest
  • 8- quart oval stoneware capacity
  • Full grip handles
  • Cord wrap
  • Dishwasher safe stoneware & glass lid

With the features stated, it’s time to check out what sets this slow cooker apart from other slow cookers and why you may or may not buy it.



10.8 x 17.7 x 11.6 inches



  • Can be used in making dinner for a large family or for a small get together
  • Can cook an 8 pound chicken or 6 pound roast
  • Gives you option to cook on high, low or keep warm
  • The mess free lid rest not only keeps liquid in place but provides a rest for the lid when dishing
  • Washing is easy with the dishwasher safe stoneware and glass lid
  • Full drip handle gives you enough room to lift without burning your hand
  • Can be used to store leftovers in the freezer
  • Stoneware can be used to marinate meat and chicken overnight in the freezer
  • Quite affordable for a large quart slow cooker
  • Can cook Asian pork, bread pudding, casseroles, lamb ribs, soups and sauce
  • Can also make lasagna
  • Storage is made easy with the cord wrap feature
  • Has a lid latch that makes transporting it from the house to the party venue easy without a mess
  • Attractive design



  • Does not have indication light
  • Does not have timer


Our final take on the Hamilton Beach 33182A slow cooker

Regardless of the cons we found out about this slow cooker from Hamilton Beach, this is still a slow cooker to beat. It is not only affordable but stylish. It can beautify your kitchen décor without taking up so much space. It is multitasking and reliable. Great dishes have been born because of this slow cooker.

With its 8 quart capacity, there is no problem hosting that birthday party for your kids, making a delicious and warm meal for your family and so much more. With the keep warm setting, you can have the meal warm for as long as the party takes to start. This eliminated the need to keep warming food as you would have done with other cookers.

Also with its irresistible mess free lid rest, you don’t have to worry about setting the lid aside and thereby taking up space. You can easily pull up the lid rest and open your glass lid and let it rest on it while you dish out the food. How convenient can that be?  We also love that the handles are safe and comfortable and can carry the pot even when it is filled to the brim. And with the transparent lid, you can easily see how your food is cooking.

Having experienced all this with the Hamilton Beach 33182A slow cooker, we therefore conclude that it’s a wonderful product worth keeping. We love everything about this slow cooker and top of it all is that it’s quite affordable and can compete with other high priced slow cookers anywhere. We therefore, rate it a 5 star.


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