Hamilton Beach 33967A Slow Cooker
Hamilton Beach 33967A Set ‘n Forget Programmable Slow Cooker, 6-Quart is a revolutionary slow cooker that has taken its cooking abilities to another level. Many of the slow cookers that can be found out there cannot rival with this one.

It is the first slow cooker to introduce the probe option in cooking. It is easy to find programmable and manual slow cookers in stores, but not with a thermometer probing device. It offers modern day convenience in cooking. This slow cooker is referred to as many customers as the king of slow cookers.

It can cook 6 pound roast or large cut of meat, whole chicken or pork tenderloin. It also has the capacity to cook for 7 persons or more. Having guests over or taking food to or arranging a small house party? This slow cooker can meet all requirements.

Programmable Slow Cooker



As the name set and forget implies, you can literally program your meals to cook and forget it without monitoring it, and it will automatically shift to warm mode cooking after the proper cooking to keep the meal warm until you are ready to serve.

You can manually set it to cook on high, low or warm temperature without needing to set a cooking time. This allows you to cook your meal at a desired time if you want to monitor your cooking yourself.

The probe device which this slow cooker comes with is what gives it an edge over other slow cookers. It enables you check the temperature of your meats, chicken or turkey parts without guessing if it is properly cooked.

This slow cooker captured the hearts of many cooks: whether housewives, working mums, chefs or just about anybody that cooks as they are sure they will not end up with half cooked meat. Another thing it offers is its clip lock secure lid that prevents meals from spilling.

The Hamilton Beach 33967A Set ‘n Forget Programmable Slow Cooker, 6-Quart are not just for cooking meats, chicken, roasts or soups. This slow cooker is also perfect for making side dishes and desserts. Wondering if you can bake your bread pudding or caramel apples in it? Yes you can.

The Hamilton Beach 33967A is very similar to the Hamilton Beach 33969A. The difference is that 33967a offers a spoon rest along with a locking lid while the 33969A has different handles that makes it easier to transport and is a newer version. Otherwise, both are very similar in features and functionality.


It comes with a glass lid gasket that has holes for vapour to evaporate and for the probing device. The lid also comes with a plastic handle for lifting the gasket and a plastic clip-on dishing spoon. Has two sturdy full hand grip clip-on handles that makes carrying the slow cooker easier. Has a very large display screen that doesn’t require being close to see the progress of the meal. The heating base comes in attractive stainless finish. Has a big ceramic crock space that can take in a large amount of food ingredients.


  • Has 3 unique settings: probe, program and manual for easy, automatic cooking
  • Has a thermometer probe for checking the doneness of meats
  • Comes with a clip on spoon
  • Also has a clip tight gasket lid
  • Product dimension is 10.4 x 16 x 16.1 inches by 14.6 pounds
  • Shipping weight when packaged is 15 pounds
  • Comes in a large screen display where you can select cooking time, heat setting, desired temperature and actual temperature



  • It is the first ever slow cooker to come with programmable timer, meat temperature probe device and manual settings all in one.
  • This slow cooker automatically shifts from cooking to keep warm settings when done with actual cooking.
  • The gasket lid seals in meals and with the support from the hand grip clips, you can take your mind off from spilling meal when moving it
  • The removable stoneware crockery and glass lid gasket are dishwasher safe
  • Also microwave and oven safe
  • Has even distribution of heat for perfect cooking
  • The plastic serving spoon clips into the lid handle
  • Removes guess work on the doneness of meat, chicken and roasts with its probe device
  • Travel friendly
  • Has power interruption protection that keeps food cooking for sometime if there is power outage.
  • Has the largest digital screen display making it easier to read from across the kitchen
  • It has easy to use interface that is simplified
  • Cooks at slower cooking temperatures unlike many other slow cookers that increases it temperature on its own.
  • Sounds alarm when it starts cooking and also when it is done
  • Comes with one year warranty


  • Cannot cook longer than 14 hours as the slow cooker will turn off and display OFF after a total of 14 hours.


Customer ratings:

Out of all the customer reviews on Amazon for the Hamilton Beach 33967A Set ‘n Forget Programmable Slow Cooker, over 70% of them gave it a 5 star.

Conclusion on the Hamilton Beach 33967a Set ‘n Forget:

The Hamilton Beach 33967A Set ‘n Forget Programmable Slow Cooker, 6-Quart like every other slow cooker has its setbacks, but as at the moment, it is the only slow cooker that has the temperature probe device which is an added advantage. It offers a lot of flexibility for cooking and comes highly recommended.


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