Hamilton Beach Set & Forget 33969A
The Hamilton Beach Set & Forget 33969A 6-quart programmable slow cooker is for busy parents and singles who love having a decent home-made meal without the stress involved.

Gone are the days when cooking was a thing that calls for too much stress or time spent.

The programmable feature comes with a timer where you can set your food for how long you want it to cook. You can add your cooking ingredients to the slow cooker, set the timer and leave for work or for any other activity. When the cooking is completed, it switches to the keep warm mode so that your food does not get cold when you are ready to eat.

programmable slow cooker, 6-quart



Another thing about this cooker is that it comes with a temperature probe. This means that the need to keep guessing when the roast is ready. You just insert the probe into the roast and the probe will give you the temperature of the roast. The temperature probe is a great tool that can set the time for the cooking. When the cooking is done, it automatically shifts to the warm mode to keep the food warm. The temperature mode is also used to program the desired temperature for a meal.

The Hamilton Beach Set & Forget programmable slow cooker also has a manual mode where you can choose to handle the cooking yourself. With the manual, you can cook the meal on high, low or keep warm mode. In the event that there is a brief power failure, the power interruption protection will keep the food cooking for a certain period. This means that when power returns, your meal will continue cooking as if there was no power outage.

The Hamilton Beach Set and Forget 6-quart slow cooker can accommodate 4 pounds of roasts or 6 pounds of chicken. What about cooking soups, casserole, stuffed artichokes? This slow cooker can handle a gourmet meal. The stoneware is removable which makes moving it from the crock to the dining table very convenient. Another thing about this programmable slow cooker is that it comes with a clip-on lid that makes sure the food content in the slow cooker does not spill when in transit. It can serve both as a serving dish and for storing food in the fridge.

The Hamilton Beach 33967A is very similar to the Hamilton Beach 33969A. The difference is that 33967a offers a spoon rest along with a locking lid while the 33969A has different handles that makes it easier to transport and is a newer version. Otherwise, both are very similar in features and functionality and cost.


The Hamilton Beach Set & Forget 33969A 6-quart slow cooker comes in a metallic make-up and an aluminum finish. It comes with a see-through glass and clip-on lid to keep food from spilling. A temperature probe is inserted through the lid to tell the temperature of food while it cooks. It has a digital control interface. This feature allows you to program the food to cook as long as you want or just for high, low and keep warm cooking. It also has two study hands that prevent you from burning your hand when lifting.


Hamilton Beach Set & Forget 33969A 6 quart Slow Cooker


  • Programmable automatic feature that allows for program, probe and manual cooking
  • Thermometer probe that displays the temperature of the meal while cooking
  • A digital control panel display with wide settings for timer and cooking modes
  • A clip-on lid with transparent glass cover that is travel-friendly
  • Full grip handles on both sides of the slow cooker
  • 6-quart removable stoneware that can accommodate a 4-pound roast or a 6-pound chicken
  • One year warranty from the manufacturers
  • The product dimension is 10.2 x 16 x 16.1 inches
  • Shipping weight is 13.8 pounds while item weight is 2.2 ounces



  • Stylish and attractive cookware that beautifies your kitchen cabinet
  • Can serve as a cookware and also as a serving dish
  • Has programmable feature that allows you to set the time for your cooking until you are back from work
  • Have manual features that allow you to monitor the cooking yourself
  • Comes with high, low and keep warm cooking modes for versatility
  • Has a thermometer probe that tells the doneness of chicken and roasts. It also tells the temperature of the meal while cooking to remove guesswork and constant need for lifting the lid
  • A clip-on lid that ensures that food stays inside the cookware without spilling when on transit
  • Big sturdy handles to make for easy carrying without burning the hand
  • Big digital display with buttons for cooking mode selection and timing
  • The lid comes with a rubber gasket that prevents liquid from spilling over or collecting under the edges
  • The cord wraps up and neatly stores on the bottom of the pot
  • Can accommodate a full 6-pound chicken or 4-pound roast for the whole family and for a small party



  • The electric cord is about 18 inches and cannot go far


Customer Ratings:

The Hamilton Beach Set & Forget 33969A 6-quart slow cooker got an amazingly positive review on Amazon. Over 60% give it a 5-star rating. With this, it shows that the product is a good one having received 5-stars of that magnitude. There are some complaints about the control panel being of poor quality from few customers, but the majority of the customers say that love everything about the slow cooker. They love the slow cooker’s programmable and manual features that make for easy cooking.


Conclusion on the Hamilton Beach Set & Forget 33969A

We have checked out the Hamilton Beach Set & Forget 33969A slow cooker for ourselves and found out that it is a slow cooker that every household should own. It is a huge leap from the old slow cookers that did not come with a timer setting.

The slow cooker’s big quart capacity makes sure that a family of 5-7 has a sumptuous meal to get home to after the day’s activities.

The thermometer probe is one feature that makes this slow cooker irresistible; no more guess work. Having observed all this, we, therefore, conclude that this slow cooker is worth buying. The price tag is also pocket-friendly. The one year warranty from the manufacturer also gives some peace of mind when purchasing.



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