How to use a deep fryer
It is very simple how to use a deep fryer. Each specific model comes with its own user manual. However, the general instructions on how to use a deep fryer are as follows.

How to Use Deep Fryer

  1. For conventional oil-based deep fryers, fill up the fryer with oil according to the capacity of the appliance. In case of air-fryers or oil-less fryers, coat the food with one or two tablespoons of oil or as directed in the user manual.
  2. Set the timer and pre-set temperature according to the requirements.
  3. Wait for the appliance to reach the cooking temperature before tossing in the food. Most fryers notify through a light indicator when the temperature is right for the cooking process to begin. Some models also show the temperature by means of a sophisticated digital display.
  4. Once the cooking process begins, the appliance automatically takes care of producing the perfect results. There is no need to stir every now and then or flip over the food occasionally. The glass window lid can be used to monitor the process instead.
  5. When the timer goes off, it indicates that the meal is ready and the appliance is either turned off or shifted to the stand-by mode automatically. In case your appliance lacks this feature, you have to turn off the appliance manually.
  6. Carefully open the lid and remove the cooking basket. Many models offer heat-proof handles for removing the basket. Otherwise, you can use mittens for this purpose.
  7. In case of several modern conventional deep fryers, the oil is filtered automatically and stored for re-use. Otherwise, you have to drain the oil container manually.

how to use a deep fryer

Deep Fryer – How to Clean

Cleaning is full of hassles particularly if there are oil spills and grease stains to deal with. However, modern models of deep fryers have made this process extremely convenient. Most offer detachable components which can be washed separately. On the other hand, if these detachable components are dishwasher safe, the cleaning process becomes even easier. Check out our instructions on how to clean a deep fryer.

Deep Fryer – How much Oil?

The quantity of oil required for the cooking process depends on the type of deep fryer being used. In the case of oil-less or air-frying models, the required amount of oil is minimum. You simply need to coat the uncooked food with a spoonful of oil before transferring it to the fryer. On the other hand, some recipes can be prepared without a single drop of oil particularly if the deep fryer is being used for grilling or broiling.

A larger quantity of oil is required in case you are using a conventional deep fryer. This quantity depends on the overall capacity of the fryer. Refer to the manual in order to find out the exact amount that should be poured into the deep fryer.

Deep Fryer Instructions

Every deep fryer model comes with an instruction manual. These instructions must be followed in order to ensure safety as well as the best cooking results. Regardless of the specific deep fryer model, the following general instructions should be kept in mind.

  1. In case of an electric deep fryer, provide the required input.
  2. Compact deep fryers can be easily placed on your kitchen countertop. For larger models, make sure there is enough room around for handling the appliance.
  3. Use mittens to remove the food basket if it does not feature safe heat proof handles.
  4. Do not open the lid of the deep fryer in the middle of the cooking process. It causes steam to escape which causes burns. Instead, use the glass window on the lid which most models feature for monitoring the cooking process.
  5. Do set the timer so that you can be notified when your food is ready.
  6. Make sure the components of the deep fryer are dishwasher safe before putting them in the washer.
  7. Before filtering and draining the oil in case of a traditional deep fryer, make sure it has cooled down completely.
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