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If you are looking for discount prices over food mixers, you are lucky to come to the right place at the right time as the Black Friday deals offering fat discounts on top mixer brands. However, we are going to be checking out the best KitchenAid mixer black Friday deals of 2019. Therefore, make sure you read this guide to KitchenAid mixers till the end so that you find the right model of KitchenAid mixer black Friday deal for you. Kitchenaid mixer black Friday

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Top 3 Best KitchenAid Mixer Black Friday Deals 2019

Following are the top three KitchenAid mixer black Friday deals currently available on the market for 2019. Let’s take a look at what they are offering;

1. KitchenAid KP26M1XMH 6 Qt. Professional 600 Series Mixer Black Friday Deals 2019

If you need to make triple batches of mashed potatoes feed crowds of people through pounds of sticky bread dough, you can do it all with the KitchenAid Professional 600 with its larger capacity and stronger motor. The professional 600 is the behemoth it is 16 and 1/2 inches tall and weighs a whopping 31 pounds that’s like lifting up a small table so you might want to leave this one on your counter.

If you’re gonna leave it on the counter, be sure to measure these are notorious for not fitting underneath your cabinets in smaller houses and old from under the hood. It features a 575 watt motor with all steel gears that’s going to be enough power to knead through eight loads of even the stickiest whole-wheat.

You will notice that this is not a tilt head design, this is a bulbous design. There’s a lever that is going to lift and lower the bowl instead of tilting the head back and forth this makes it easier to add ingredients to your recipes. The pro 600 comes with a 6-quart stainless steel polish mixing bowl with a handle that’s enough space to make thirteen dozen cookies in Mass for holiday.

Also included is going to be the burnished metal beater blade dough hook and wire whip. A quick note about the burnish attachments, they are not dishwasher safe so please hand wash on them. You can make bigger batches of bread thanks to the power needs a spiral dough hook included with the professional 600.

You can make up to eight loaves of even the stickiest bread dough with no shake thanks to the stability of the bullwhip design. We did notice some issues with smaller batches specifically in our egg white tests. It wasn’t able to whip up a small number of egg whites but KitchenAid does offer a smaller mixing bowl and smaller width for the professional 600 series.

Overall, you can trust the capabilities of this powerful machine that can handle almost maximum food mixing tasks. As the KitchenAid black Friday deals are open on some of their kitchen appliances and the KitchenAid Professional 600 series mixer black Friday deal is one of them so it’s a good time to get the advantage of this limited time offer.

2. KitchenAid Artisan Series Stand Mixer Black Friday Deals 2019

When people think of KitchenAid, they probably think of the Iconic KitchenAid Artisan mixer. The Artisan KitchenAid mixer black Friday deal is going to be great for families of three to five people and for people making holiday cookies for all their friends. Again, the Artisan is your traditional tilt head style mixer. It’s about 14 inches tall and weighs a hefty 27 pounds under the hood.

It is equipped with a 325-watt motor which is great for powering through those sticky bread hoods. The Artisan comes with a 5-quart polished stainless steel mixing bowl with a handle. 5-quarts is large enough to make nine dozen cookies or four and a half loaves of bread. Also included is a pouring shield and the standard trio wire whisk dough hook

The Artisan performed well in all of our chefs from whipping egg whites and mixing cookie dough and simply it did a great job. It evenly mixed and incorporated all the ingredients throughout the entire mixing bowl. We did have a little bit of head shake when we were mixing in chunkier ingredients into a cookie dough and making our pizza dough but that is typical with dough headstock.

The KitchenAid Artisan is the king of color options. There are over 40 colors to choose from keeping in mind that these mixers were shot in a professionally lit studio so the lighting in your home may be different and affect how the color looks.

3. KitchenAid KSM3311XHT Artisan Mini-Series Mixer Black Friday Deals 2019

The Artisan mini is going to be best for people who aren’t going to be using the mixer a whole lot or for just a smaller household usually one to two people. It has a small footprint so it’s gonna be great for small spaces. This mixer features the familiar tilt-head design that you’re going to be used with KitchenAid and it only stands a little over 12 inches tall that is great for tiny houses, RV living and an apartment under the hood.

There is going to be a 250 watt DC motor included with the Artisan mini is a brushed stainless steel bowl that is three and a half quarts. You will also have the standard trio of dough hook flat beater and wire whip. You may notice with the Artisan mini that you don’t have the pouring shield and there’s gonna be no handle on the mixer.

The Artisan mini did a great job in whipping in egg whites. In our case, we had a single egg white and it whipped it into a meringue with no problems at all. We also made five dozen chocolate chip cookies. Five dozen is the maximum capacity for this mixer and it did a great job evenly mixing everything.

We also tested the dough hook making a pizza dough had a few headshakes but that’s pretty standard on your tail head style mixers. The mini is going to be able to handle any KitchenAid attachment that’s gonna fit in the power hub.

We tested the exact low slice food processor, the meat grinder, and the juicer as we thought they were going to need the most power to run effectively. The meat grinder and the exact slice food processor did great. We did notice a couple issues with the juicer since the Artisan mini is so short.

The included cuts would not fit under the juicer but a normal sized glass would fit under the juicer. Also while we were juicing, we did notice that the KitchenAid mini was tilting forward as we were pushing down fruits. We do recommend keeping your hand on the back of the mixer as you’re pushing down fruits and vegetables keep the mixer sit.

Overall, It’s a great piece of product so if your searching for a standard mixer but with good mixing capabilities, the Artisan mini KitchenAid mixer is a great option for you. Moreover, the black Friday deal is also open on Artisan mini KitchenAid mixer so it’s another plus to give it a must try.


There you have our top 3 picks for KitchenAid mixer black Friday deals of 2019. All three have their own pros and cons as we discussed above so it’s up to you to decide which model of KitchenAid mixer black Friday deal took your attention to consider for your food mixing tasks. If you have anything to say regarding KitchenAid mixers, you can connect with us by writing in the comment section below.

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