Luggage Set Black Friday Deals

Many years ago people used suitcases to carry their things when traveling. Until one day when Bernardi (who was at that time a vice president of a company that produces luggage and coats) came with an idea that led to the birth of a new product–the wheeled luggage. This new category was invented in 1970 by Mr. Sato and was patented in 1972 as ‘the rolling luggage.’

There are many options available for the luggage baggage on the market so finding the best one becomes difficult sometimes. Therefore, we are going to introduce you to the five Best Luggage Set Black Friday deals for your travels.

So hang with us in the travel lounge until the end of this article so that you can find at least one of the below reviewed top luggage set black Friday deal for you.

So let’s head over to the luggage set black Friday deals.

Black Friday Luggage Sets

Top 5 Best Luggage Set Black Friday Deals

Following are the Top 5 Best Black Friday Luggage Set deals for this year.

1. Merax Flieks 3 Piece Luggage Set Black Friday Deals

Our top-notch Black Friday product is the Merax Flieks three-piece luggage set. This trendy trio is constructed with tear-resistant quality polyester fabric which absolutely takes care of all your travel essentials.

Buy one and get three by purchasing one luggage. You get three trendy multi-sized pieces. The largest is 29 inches, the medium size is 25 inches, and the smallest is 21 inches.

They come inside of one another so storing it when not in use is super convenient. The lightweight suitcase has four multi-directional spinner wheels which work quietly as you maneuver it in tiny spaces. The wheels guarantee effortless movements especially when you need to walk quickly or if you’re in a hurry.

If you need to lift it, use either the dual top or the side carry handles. The rubberized grip secures your hold efficiently.

It uses an internal push button handle system that easily retracts and adjusts the metal handle to your desired height. The zippered mesh pocket in the patterned gray interior provides space for items that you want to separate from clothes.

The expandable feature of this suitcase gives you an additional 25% packing capacity. Its durable cross tie-down strap secures your belongings preventing them from being disorganized. While, the multiple zippered pockets in the front area offer ease of access to accessories or items that you need immediately.

2. AmazonBasics Softside Spinner Luggage Set Black Friday Deals

The second Black Friday product deal on our list is the AmazonBasics Softside three-piece luggage set.

This amazing product is specially constructed to give you a worry-free travel experience. AmazonBasics takes pride in securing the quality of their products.

With that being said, this spinner luggage has undergone strict quality testing. A testing team ensures that the procedures that were conducted are all accurate and relevant.

Unlike the hard sided luggage, this AmazonBasics spinner features a soft side that allows the bag to fit in the small space, specifically an overhead bin makes it definitely perfect as a carry-on bag. It also offers an improved flexibility that helps in storing the product when not in use.

This incredible deal includes a three-piece spinner set which measures 21x25x29 inches. Each item features a telescoping handle that is handy and easy to use. You can pull up the handle when using the bag or push it down when storing in the overhead compartment. The short handle can also be used to safely lift the bag.

What’s more is the 360° spinner wheels that move smoothly in any direction. In terms of the materials used, this luggage is made with a fabric lining that is ripped proof and scratch proof. The interior storage was constructed with a 150D polyester fabric that is designed to be durable and long-lasting.

Pack your things neatly and securely because this product has three compartments with strap and zipper where you can keep your clothes, shoes, documents, and other personal stuff. The zippers that were used on these items are guaranteed sturdy and can even expand for additional storage capacity. A three-year limited warranty is also included when you purchase the AmazonBasics soft side spinner luggage 3-piece Luggage set.

3. Coolife Luggage Suitcase Set Black Friday Deals

At the third spot is the Coolife expandable luggage set black Friday deal. This three piece luggage set fits the airline luggage standard making it the perfect suitcase for traveling abroad. The 28 inches piece is perfect for consignment, the 24 inches if you’re checking in, and the 20 inches is your carry bag inside the plane.

The solid ABS plus PC material of the exterior is textured finish which eliminates the risk of getting scratches. Its upper part has a beveled edge design that enhances its durability. The cool features such as mesh pocket elastic cross ribbons and lined interior had to its aesthetic and functional value.

Each suitcase offers 15% additional packing capacity allowing extra space for new purchases from the place you visit/ This is a must-have luggage suitcase for vacationers, travelers, and flyers. Travel in style with these elegant looking pieces. The innovative 360-degree donal wheels eliminate weeds or small rubbish while moving silently rotating becomes easier due to their unique shape.

The telescoping handle system which uses premium quality aluminum material promotes smooth adjustment. It comes with TSA lock which only TSA agents can access during inspection without breaking the durable lock. The resettable code makes your travel in the USA secure and stress-free. Every purchase has a worldwide two-year warranty allowing you to live a Coollife style luggage is truly a must-have for every individual who loves to travel.

4. Samsonite Winfield 2 Hardside Luggage Set Black Friday Deals

The Samsonite Winfield three-piece luggage set black Friday deal comes at number fourth position on our list of best luggage set black Friday deals. Nothing beats a reliable luggage bag when traveling out of town or across another country but Samsonite luggage set. For over a hundred years of service, Samsonite has been well known and trusted for their superior quality products.

The Winfield 2 is built with 100% polycarbonate that is durable and tough. It is designed to absorb the impact that keeps the bag in good shape and prevents it from getting deformed to make this suitcase more eye-catching. It also has an elegant brushstroke flush that can conceal scratches.

This amazing product includes three-piece sets of the spinner. The first bag measures 20×13.5×9, next is 24×16.5×11, while the last one is 28x19x12 all are lightweight and easy to carry. They come in different colors which are charcoal, burgundy, orange, purple, teal, deep blue, brushed anthracite, and brushed black.

Pack everything you need because this luggage bag has a square full capacity designed that can accommodate everything that you need to bring along on your adventure. Rest your worried mind because unlike other travel bags, Samsonite will not let your things scatter on the floor. If you ever forget to zipper your bag, secure your clothes and shoes with the full zip interior divider.

For easy access, you can place your planner, charger, medical kit, or anything that you want in the organizational pocket. Checking baggage has never been easier with the retractable top and side carry handles. The pull handles on this model are lightweight and made better with an aluminum material.

Samsonite understands the value of your belongings and for that, this travel where the product offers TSA combination side-mounted locks and keep your bags safe and secured the lock can also be expanded for additional storage capacity. The Winfield 2 three-piece luggage set is your perfect travel companion.

5. American Tourister 3-Piece Luggage Set Black Friday Deals

Last product on our list is the American Tourister luggage set black Friday deal. One of the famous and most recommended brands for luggage bags specifically the pop three spinner set. It can complement your outfit as you travel wherever you go. This luggage bag comes in a three-piece set that includes rolling suitcases in 21 inches, 25 inch, and 29-inch sizes.

The smallest can be used as a carry-on for an airplane while the other ones will have to be checked. They are not supposed to be super reinforced so they may be not right for the cases for storing fragile items that could be destroyed if the suitcase does not entirely hold it in Centegra that being said, however, if you want to use them primarily for clothes or shoes, there shouldn’t be a problem with a little bit of flexibility.

On the outside, this is sturdy as it is constructed with 600 denier polyester fabric making it more durable for easy maneuvering of the luggage. This is engineered with four multi-directional spin wheels. It rolls upright to give the user the comfort to be more relaxed and not put much weight on the arm. No worries if you need to bring your pieces of luggage full pack and thanks to its padded top and comfortable side carry handles to add more storage.

The interiors have pockets where you can organize and store your small stuff and valuable things. The cases are expandable too just in case you’ll be needing an extra space in your luggage and to keep you happy with American Tourister luggage. It is constructed with front panel pockets for another extra stuff you’ll want to chip inside your bag.

Each piece in this set has three extended collapsible handles. Every handle is proportioned with the height and strength so as not to give you a hard to lean your back when reaching. The handle plus the pieces of luggage are lightweight too.


There you have it! The five best luggage set black Friday deals on today’s market. All the luggage sets reviewed above are in huge demand by customers so you can opt for any one without thinking too much and know you got a high quality product.

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