Maytronic Dolphin Escape

From one of the leading pool cleaning companies, the Maytronics Dolphin Escape is an above ground pool cleaner that is affordable and has a range of cool features.

Special features to note are the HyperBrush, advanced filtration, smart scanning system, and rubber tracking.

We hope this Maytronics Dolphin Escape review allows you to come to a conclusion whether this cleaner is the one for you.


  • Type: Above ground pool cleaner
  • Weight: 14 pounds
  • Cleaning cycle: 1 hour and 30 minutes
  • Motors: Dual 24-volt DC
  • Warranty: 1-year with a 30-day money-back guarantee
Maytronics Dolphin Escape Pool Cleaner


  • Energy efficient
  • Fast cleaning – just 90 minutes
  • Extra-large filter cartridge
  • 40-foot tange-free cable
  • SmartNav system
  • HyperGrip tracks


  • No timer for cleaning to a schedule
  • No remote control, although this is normal for a pool cleaner

Maytronics Dolphin Escape Features

HyperBrush cleaning – The Dolphin Escape uses a HyperBrush to clean your above ground pool. The HyperBrush is an innovative brush developed by Maytronics – it spins rapidly to remove stubborn dirt from the pool’s surface. The Dolphin Escape cleaning has a cleaning system that cleans in both directions – this is a dual-directional vacuum and scrub action.

HyperGrip Rubber Tracks – The Maytronics Dolphin Escape features rubber tracking that helps the device to freely move along the surface of your pool. This allows for an efficient clean that doesn’t waste energy.

By using continuous tracking rather than wheels, the device has constant contact with the pool’s surface – improving its cleaning ability even further. This tracking also helps the cleaner to move over objects in your pool, whether that’s a bottle of large stick

SmartNav – They don’t make pool cleaners like they used to. You may have an old pool cleaner that randomly moves around your pool, hoping that it managed to clean every corner. The Maytronics Dolphin Escape uses SmartNav technology to scan your entire pool’s surface area to map the best route.

Even better, the scanner stays active as it cleans, which ensures the device stays on its course and doesn’t clean the same areas. As well as its cleaning capabilities, the SmartNav system can detect obstacles that are in the way, meaning the cleaner has less chance of getting stuck. As you can see, this SmartNav system is a fantastic feature.

Thankfully, it is something that is becoming more popular with the modern pool cleaners.

Onboard DC Motors – Impressively, the Dolphin Escape uses low voltage DC motors that use 90% less power than traditional robotic pool cleaners. In fact, other pool cleaners use 1800 watts of power during a cleaning cycle, whereas the Dolphin Escape requires just 180 watts, which is roughly 5 cents per hour of cleaning.

Top-Loading Oversized Filter Cartridge – Unlike other robotic pool cleaners, the Escape comes with an extra-large filter cartridge that copes with holding large amounts of debris. The filter is top-loading too, which means the cleaner has a top-access door for easy emptying and cleaning of the filter.

Final Verdict

So what’s our final verdict on the Maytronics Dolphin Escape? Well, it’s a yes from us! The pool cleaner performs well and represents great value for money. We love how the Escape has so many innovative features, while still being a device you can depend on. We also love how the Escape is able to clean any above-ground pool in just 90 minutes.

It’s unfortunate that the Escape doesn’t allow you to program a timer and create a cleaning schedule. The Escape doesn’t come with a caddy either. To be honest, these aren’t big deals.

In short, the Dolphin Escape is an exceptional robotic pool cleaner that offers both advanced functionality and value for money.


Which pools can the Dolphin Escape clean?

The device is designed to clean above ground pools up to 40 feet long. It can clean pools made of concrete, fiberglass and vinyl.

How long is the Dolphin Escape cleaning cycle?

The device has a cleaning cycle of just 90-minutes, which means it is one of the fastest pool cleaners on the market. The device will also automatically turn itself off after cleaning. If your pool is extra dirty, you may want to put the machine through multiple cycles.

How well does it cope with leaves?

With a large suction port and a large mesh filter basket, the Dolphin Escape does a good job at good at vacuuming leaves. With that said, we recommend removing most of the large leaves before you let the Escape do its thing.

Does it remove algae?

The device is good at removing algae, but you may need to upgrade to an ultra-fine filter that will handle the minute pieces of debris.


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