Molla Dynamic Oil Free Air Fryer
From medical point of view, obesity is regarded as the mother of several disorders of serious nature. The major cause of obesity, on the other hand, is the consumption of oily foods. As compared with those of carbohydrates, an equal amount of oil contains in it double the amount of energy.

The fats, as a component of fast foods, prove to be even more harmful. With minimum physical labor, as it the case with majority of individuals nowadays, the body is unable to utilize all the fats coming with food. As a consequence, such fats get deposited in the adipose tissues of the body, thus causing obesity.

As an amazing innovation of the modern era, the oil-free air fryers offer a much better alternative to deep frying. With this kitchen appliance, you can easily minimize the intake of fats. At the same time, you will also be enjoying the delicacy and deliciousness of your favorite foods.

Features of Molla Air Fryers

Molla offers you the air fryer technology which totally eliminates the need of oil. All this is done without affecting the quality of the food to be cooked.

The advanced rapid air circulation technology makes the cooking of food even faster. You will definitely find it a better alternative to a traditional microwave oven. Some of the nice features of Molla Oil Free Air Fryer are being described as under:

Easy to Use

Being easy to use, the Molla air fryer can be handled or operated even by an unskilled person without facing much hassle. The buttons for timer and temperature control are provided on the handle, so that it will be convenient for you to use them.

Greater Temperature Variability:

The temperature control system allows you to set temperature anywhere between 180 to 400 degrees Fahrenheit as per the requirement of a particular type of food that you are going to fry.

Faster Cooking

The power of 1500 watts enables the machine to fry foods at a much faster rate than usual. In this way, you can easily conserve both time and energy.

Huge Capacity

The spacious food container can easily accommodate as many as 8 chicken wings in the single round. In other words, it allows you to fry food for the whole family in just one run.

Auto Shut Off

It is, indeed, a great feature to be found in any device or appliance. With the ‘auto shut off’ functionality, you can easily get busy in other tasks after putting food for frying in the pan or container. As the preset time is over, the air fryer will get automatically shut off.

Top Rated Model

Making good purchases may be considered an art as it requires sufficient amount of skill and experience. What if someone doesn’t have that much experience? The best solution is to get the experience of other people. This is a top rated oil free air fryer model from the house of Molla.

Conclusion on the Molla Oil Free Air Fryer:

Molla Dynamic Oil Free Air Fryer

Built with advanced technology, the AirSmart Oil-Free Dynamic Air Fryer brings the users lots of smart functionalities. For example, the food items placed inside are fried with incredibly fast speed through the mechanism of rapid air circulation.

Here you get the freedom to set temperature at any point between 180 and 400 degrees Fahrenheit. It will help you in frying a wide variety of foods which require different temperature. Meanwhile, their natural nutritional value and freshness shall also be preserved.

The auto shut off functionality will help you fry anything in a relaxed and hassle free manner. As the pre-set time on the timer expires, the machine will automatically shut off, thus preventing the over-cooking of food.

The things you fry with Molla air fry look crispy from outside and have a juicy interior. The features like consistent heating, high-speed fan and 360 degree ventilation ensure the proper cooking of food at a fast pace. Meanwhile, you can preserve the actual nutritious value of various dishes. Regarding washing of the machine, the interior is so easy to clean.

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