Tips to swim faster with a mermaid tail

1. First of all, you need to take an agile dynamic position that means the streamlines position. To do it perfectly, you need to bring your arms up beside your head. Your biceps need to be beside your head, your elbows need to be in touch inside your head and you need to point your arms up. It is all aligned your head which should be tied by your arms or a little bit in front also make sure to have a long extended body and your feet pointed to start with the streamline position eight inches well underwater push yourself on the side of the wall and let you slide under water for about two seconds after that you can start your dolphin.

2. You need to past and always into a position that way you create less resistance what you go through the water. You will not hit the bottom or go to the top of the water.

3. It is necessary to hold your breath to state longer underwater every time you go at the surface of the water that will slow you down because you are not always on tail anymore then you go up take a breath you are going to take a lot of energy to go down and go back to your initial speed and go fast.

4. Reduce the amplitude of your movement that means you do not want to go up and down with a really big motion of your body. You want to do really small and fast kick with your body that way you will create less resistance with your body to process this move. You can do a little exercise and one lap doing really long and fast kick with your hips and count the number of kicks you need to cross the place that is worth let you slide on the water comfortably and let you know the progress in your swimming skills.

5. The power of your motion should come from your kicking with your hips but your leg should be working. You should feel like a big wave of water pushing under your legs and your feet. This is really important kicking from the hips but all the power should continue under the rest of your legs. Make sure you are not taking what you do not need because this will put your water back and bring it back towards you are going through not efficient when you keep with your knees.

6. A lot of people forget that they need to push equally up and down but they push really strong when they push down. It is just a motion to come back up to take another push down. There is no power that pushes the water up it is just the natural movement. In this situation what you need to do is you push with a lot of power down but you push also with your lower back in time to push the water up – you have full motion up and down with the same power on both sides.

We hope our tips to swim faster with a mermaid Tail will help you out to swim much faster. Do not forget to put goggles when you are going so fast because your eyes will be protected to get blurry because of the chlorine and all the water that is pushing to your eyes. Also, remember that you are wearing a mermaid tail and this is fabric and it is creating a lot of resistance with water is like swimming in clothes. Then if you want to go faster and practice your time with a chronometer, use monofin which looks slightly different from mermaid tail but it is more efficient to improve the speed of swimming underwater. If you are looking for swim mermaid fins, find here the best monofins and mermaid tails.

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