how to get rid of bad smelly feet

We are going to share with you the top five tips on how to get rid of bad smelly feet and odor you get in your shoes. Check out the nail polish hack to solve common home problems.

how to get rid of bad smelly feet

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1. Odor Eaters

You can use the odor eater that you can put into your shoe and it sucks out the odor. Sometime people like salt or vinegar to remove the smell from their feet. So if you have really smelly stinky feet, you might want to choose and get some cheap older odor eaters and you can get them at like department stores, drug stores or even online store. You can also cut them to make it the size that you want just slip it in your shoe and no more odor.

2. Baking Soda/Baby Powder

Try using baking soda or baby powder just sprinkle a little bit inside your shoe and let it air out outside like on your patio or in your garden or your balcony or whatever and just use that. It actually sucks up the moisture. A lot of people use a baby powder or sort of like that powder.

3. Wash your Feet

You should wash and dry your feet with some soap and scrub your feet in your toes underneath your toenails is usually where it stinks the most so try doing that.

4. Hand Sanitizer

Use hand sanitizer like aloe sanitizer because it kind of feels not as dry and like super dry after so Alouette helps with a little moisturizing. Put some hand sanitizer on your foot sounds kind of wood but it definitely works. It also helps with killing the germs and makes your foot dry and soft.

5. Lemon Juice/Peppermint Oil

Get a large bowl that you can put your feet in so like a plastic bowl, fill it up with warm/hot ash water, put in a juice of one lemon and also if you can get some peppermint oil. Put in five drops of peppermint oil and put your feet in there so get it for 15 minutes and you should seriously not smell any more stinky feet.

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