8 Nail Polish Hacks to Solve Your Common Home Problems

We are going to teach you how can a nail polish be used to solve common problems around the home so raid your girlfriend’s makeup box and let’s get to it. Read the tips on how to lose weight in weeks naturally.

8 Nail Polish Hacks to Solve Your Common Home Problems

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1. Loose Screws Solution

Got some loose screws? Head over to your problem area and simply remove the squirrely screw. Next, apply some clear nail polish to the tapered end. Screw it in quickly and the nail polish will act as an interior adhesive to ensure a perfect grip for life.

2. Fix Rusted Bathtub Rings

How about those rings of rust on the corner of your bathtub? That is an easy clean, but here is a great trick to stop it from happening in the first place. All you need to do is apply a clear coat of polish directly to the metal bottoms of bathtub toiletries. This creates a thin layer under the bottom edge which prevents the rust ring from even forming.

3. Protect Furniture from Rust

Another cool use is to take some polish on that outdoor furniture of yours. This will keep that rust causing rain at bay and keeping those screws nice and new.

4. Fix Window Screen

Got a window screen that has been ripped up or punctured? No need to replace it because the fix is as easy as pressing the screen back together and applying a nice even spread of clear coat covering both sides. When that is done, just hit it with a blow dryer and accelerate the bond. It will be as good as new maybe just a bit shinier.

5. Fix Mobile Glass Cracks

Now everyone cracks one of their electronics at some point making them both unsightly and dangerous to use. Here is how to fix up some extremely minor glass cracks. Grab your clear nail polish and apply a thin layer directly to the problem areas and then let it seep into the cracks just a bit. You can also use this method to fill in jagged areas so you do not cut your fingers by creating a nice smooth surface instead. Again, bust out that blow dryer and give this thing a nice gust for quick completion.

6. Heal up Wounds

So you need to patch up your paws after dealing with that broken screen? Do not sweat it, a quick fix for you is to blot your wound directly with a rag and then put a small layer of nail polish right over the top. Now it is obviously going to sting a little bit, but the bleeding will stop almost immediately. Your wound will continue to heal under the glossy finish and that mild burning sensation serves as a great reminder that you are still alive.

7. Broken Headphone Earbud

Nothing is worse than busting your headphones out and finding that you are missing an earbud. Just do a little planning ahead. Dab a little coat on the plastic outside of the speaker then quickly put the earbud back on. This will adhere in mere moments and you are good to go.

8. Waterproofing Matchsticks

If you like camping you know the importance of a nice fire, so how about waterproofing those matches before you head out into the wilderness? All you need to do is grab some strike anywhere matches and give them a nice little dip into some nail polish. Try to cover just the tip so you can form a nice seal. Next, just set them out somewhere to dry or hit them with that fancy hair dryer to make quick work of it. When you are ready to fire them up, these bad boys will be ideal for ignition rain or shine. So there are some sticky quick tips that you can use in a bind.

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